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Role of the External Examiner in a Partner 'Health Check'

What is a Partner 'Health Check'?

External Examiners may be asked to visit a cluster of partners on behalf of the University to assess the partnerships’ academic ‘health’. This is an additional role to that of the externals normal duties with the University. Interest in this role is sought at the time of nomination. 

The Quality and Collaboration Unit (QCU) manage the appointment of External Examiners to partner health checks, schedule the visits, collate the responses to the externals reports and authorise payment of fees.  A separate contract, fee and report to that of the externals normal duties is required to undertake this work.

Here is the link for the overall Partner Health Check Process (Visio doc 84k).

What are the fees for Partner 'Health Checks'?

Pre-Visit Meeting to the University:


Report Fee:


Daily attendance allowance*:

£100 (for overseas visits)


£50 (for UK visits)

*Daily attendance allowances will be paid for visits to Partner Institutions (where this includes visits to overseas partners daily attendance allowances can be claimed for days when the External is considered out of the country).  Dates of visits must be included on the claim form.  Claim forms without dates included will be returned and may result in payment being delayed. 

It is the responsibility of the individual External Examiner to claim for all expenses and fees.  Claims for expenses/visits undertaken in respect to External Examining duties can be submitted on an on-going basis, however the report fees are only payable once the report has been submitted.