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Fees & Expenses

What are the annual fees?

Basic Annual Fee for Module Results Board


Basic Annual Fee for Award Board


Daily Attendance Allowance*


 *This can be claimed by the External Examiner for each day that a visit to the University/collaborative partner is made to undertake External Examining duties e.g. attendance at assessment boards.  

External Examiners can sometimes be approached to consider large scale curriculum changes e.g. as part of the University’s modifications process.  An additional fee to undertake this work may be paid to the External with the agreement of the Faculty.  Previously, this has been £100.

External Examiners contracted to undertake Partner ‘Health Checks’ are paid different fees for this work (see ‘Role of the External in a Partner ‘Health Check’ for details).

Process for External Examiners claiming fees and expenses (PDF 41K, Downloads file)

What reasonable expenses can my external claim?

For meals and accommodation which are paid for by the individual examiner all reasonable expenses will be reimbursed by the University on production of the appropriate receipts.  The University will not pay for alcoholic beverages, private telephone calls or newspapers. 

Externals will continue to be eligible for a recovery of travel, accommodation and subsistence costs, at current rates (excluding first class rail/air travel.)

When should my external expect to be paid?

Claims received in Finance before the 23rd of the month will NORMALLY be paid by the 15th of the following month. To ensure the deadline is met the Quality and Collaboration Unit (QCU) would need to receive the claim form by the middle of the month. Exception to this is around the Christmas period when claim forms must be submitted by the first week in December to ensure payment in January. Easter may also be variable. 

Failure to meet the deadlines will result in payment being delayed a further month.

An annual fee will only be paid when the External Examiner report has been received by QCU.

Where does my external get a claim form from?

The claim form can be downloaded from the External Examiner e:Vision Homepage. 

Where does my external send their claim too?

All claims will need to be submitted to the Quality and Collaboration Unit, The University of Wolverhampton, MX207, Camp Street, WV1 1AD

Claim forms can be completed on-line however the form must be printed off and signed in Blue ink (electronic signature NOT accepted).