University Student Affairs Committee

The University Student Affairs Committee (USAC) is responsible for providing advice, guidance and recommendations on all aspects of the student life cycle.

  • To recommend ways of ensuring high standards in the overall student experience and support for the whole student population.
  • To review progress on objectives from the strategic plan in matters as related to student affairs.
  • To monitor and discuss developments in the sector, as related to student affairs and make recommendations on strategy and policy.
  • To recommend ways to develop the "University Community" and integration with the wider community.
  • To enable our diverse students to access and achieve a set of understandings, skills and personal attributes which will enhance achievement and employment.
  • To monitor the quality of communication with the students.

Meeting Schedule and Minutes 2011-2012

Only confirmed minutes appear here.  For the availability of unconfirmed minutes, please consult the Committee Officer. 


  • Ms Jane Nelson, PVC Student Affairs (Chair)
  • Ms Sue Rapp, PA to Dean of Students (Officer)
  • Mr Colin Addy, Director IT Services
  • Mr Alex Blower, VP, SU Activites
  • Dr Glynis Cousin, Director of ILE
  • Mr Jon Elsmore, Dean of Students (Deputy Chair)
  • Ms Annette Fitzpatrick, SAS
  • Ms Jo Gittens, Director, International Office
  • Mr Henry Gun-Why
  • Mr Ken Harris, President, Studnets' Union
  • Mr Ian Hart, Associate Dean, Education Partnerships
  • Mr Luke Hill, STech
  • Dr Josh Johnson, Governor
  • Mr Colin Laing, UWBS
  • Ms Gina Masters, Assistant Registrar
  • Ms Ellen Marshall, VP, SU welfare and Campaigns
  • Ms Fiona Parsons, Director LIS
  • Ms Ann Philp, SHaW
  • Prof Ian Sillitoe, Associate Dean, Graduate School
  • Vacancy - Dean's Group
  • Vacancy - Staff Representative
  • Vacancy - Student Representative