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University Quality Enhancement Committee

Meeting Dates & Minutes

Please note that University Quality Enhancement Committee no longer meets and has been replaced by University Academic Enhancement Committee. Please see below for an archive of approved minutes and related documents. 


  • Dr Anthea Gregory, Deputy-Vice Chancellor Academic (Chair)
  • Mr Miceal Barden, Dean Faculty of Social Sciences (Deputy Chair)
  • Mrs Belinda Cross, QCU (Officer)
  • Mr Yashiru Aboubakar, Students' Union President
  • Ms Habiba Amjad, Students' Union Academic VP
  • Ms Jenny Brown, Faculty of Social Sciences
  • Dr Douglas Carr, External Represenative, University of Derby
  • Ms Ann Cysewski, Faculty of Education, Health and Wellbeing
  • Ms Rishma Dattani, Assitant Academic Registrar (Partnerships)
  • Dr Phil Gravestock, Head of Centre of Learning and Teaching
  • Dr Alison Felce, Head of Work-Based Learning
  • Ms Rachel Ford, Head of QCU (Co-opted member)
  • Dr Alex Hopkins, Dean of Academic Development and Enhancement 
  • Dr Paul Johnson, Faculty of Arts
  • Ms Cathy Shaw, Assistant Registrar (Quality Management)
  • Dr Ruth Shiner, Faculty of Science and Engineering
  • Dr Chris Twine, Academic Registrar

Terms of Reference

  1. To formulate and recommend to Academic Board strategies and policies on all matters relating to academic quality, standards and enhancement;
  2. To monitor and disseminate developments in the sector relating to quality and enhancement;
  3. To recommend ways to disseminate, promote and evaluate good practice;
  4. To receive annually the status recommendations of relevant Key Performance Indicators, for transmission to the Board of Governors;
  5. To monitor the University’s engagement with external agencies, including HEFCE, QAA, Ofsted, PSRBs, HE Academy; receive reports and outcomes from accreditation visits; and oversee the responses to be made concerning quality and standards to monitor followup actions;
  6. To monitor outputs from internal and external monitoring and review, which will include Continuous Monitoring (course journals), Periodic Reviews, QAA and other external agencies reviews, and External Examiner reports; identify risk areas for enhancement and discuss and approve actions;
  7. To monitor reports from validations, approvals, accreditations, deletions and terminations and discuss and approve actions;
  8. To receive for approval recommendations relating to External Examiner appointments, and maintain oversight of assessment boards;
  9. To maintain oversight of Faculty QECs;
  10. To oversee the quality assurance processes for all collaborative provision;
  11. To produce the annual Quality report to Academic Board and the Board of Governors;
  12. To oversee the quality assurance processes for all academic provision, delivered through validation/accreditation services;
  13. To receive from External Affairs Committee an annual collaborative/partnership report, for onward transmission to Academic Board and the Board of Governors via Academic Board.
  14. To receive reports from agreed UQEC Sub-Committees.