University Academic Enhancement Committee

Meeting Dates & Minutes 2017-18

Only confirmed minutes appear here. For the availability of unconfirmed minutes, please consult the Committee Officer Mrs Shamima Patel (


  • Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic) (Chair)
  • Dean of Faculty (Deputy Chair)
  • External Representative
  • Associate Dean of Academic Enhancement
  • Academic Registrar
  • Assistant Academic Registrar (Quality)
  • Chairs of Sub-Committees (AFRSC and FAECs)
  • Faculty representatives (1 per faculty)
  • Dean of CoLT
  • Dean of Students
  • Director of Academic Support
  • Head of Quality and Collaboration Unit
  • President of Students’ Union
  • Students’ Union representatives (up to 3)
  • Co-opted members ( up to 5)
  • Officer

Terms of Reference

  • Develop, implement and monitor University strategies, policies, and procedures relating to quality assessment and enhancement of:  the student academic experience; student outcomes; the standard of awards; and the enhancement of the wider student university experience.
  • Develop, implement and monitor regulations and frameworks relating to academic standards, academic awards and credit, academic approval, modification and review.
  • Develop, implement and monitor University strategies, policies, and procedures relating the approval of University partnerships and maintain oversight and monitor the University’s partnerships and collaborative provision
  • Monitor and disseminate developments and best practice from the sector in relation to quality assessment and the student experience.
  • Identify, disseminate and promote good practice from within the University in the enhancement of quality and the student experience.
  • Receive, analyse and confirm the status of recommendations of relevant Key Performance Indicators to Academic Board.
  • Monitor the University’s engagement with external agencies, including, but not limited to, QAA, HEA, HEFCE, Ofsted, PSRBs and OIA; receive reports and outcomes from visits/assessments/accreditations, oversee the responses made and the delivery of resulting action plans; consider relevant sector consultations and the University’s response.
  • Receive and monitor reports from internal quality and enhancement processes, including, but not limited to: continuous monitoring and enhancement; periodic reviews; validation, accreditation, approvals and deletions; external examining; peer review, personal tutoring; the Students’ Union; conduct and appeals; and monitor the effectiveness of resulting action plans.
  • Receive and monitor reports on the student experience, including, but not limited to: the Students’ Union; Student Voice activities; student satisfaction surveys; facilities (including student accommodation); Directorate of Academic Support; Office of the Dean of Students; employability; and monitor the effectiveness of resulting action plans.
  • Maintain oversight of the University’s publically available information.
  • Maintain oversight of the University’s entry requirements and admissions processes.
  • Propose time-limited working groups as may be necessary to support the committee in the discharge of its terms of reference.
  • Maintain oversight of Sub-Committees and receive their confirmed minutes

Frequency:   Minimum 6

Quorum:  50%

Reports to:  Academic Board

Receives reports from:  Sub-committees (AFRSC, FAECs, PCSC, EESC, RAVSC) and working groups.

Archive of Minutes