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Professional, Statutory and Regulatory Body Sub Committee

Meeting Dates & Minutes

Please note that PSRB Sub Committee no longer meets. An archive of approved minutes and related information can be found below. 


  • Alex Hopkins – Chair
  • Sharon Arkell – PL Quality, FEHW
  • Habiba Amjad – Representative of the Student Union
  • Katharine Clough -  Representative of the Directorate of External RElations
  • Rachel Ford – Head of QCU
  • Lesley Giles – Deputy Faculty Registrar (Academic), FSE
  • Teresa Graham - Deputy Faculty Registrar (Academic), FEHW
  • Joss Granger – Representative of the Directorate of Academic Support
  • Cecile Hatier - PL Quality, Faculty of Arts
  • Alan Hindle -  PL PSRB (Pharmacy), FSE
  • Maggie Jones, Officer, QCU
  • Amanda Platt - Deputy Faculty Registrar (Academic),FoSS
  • Tanja Schulte - Deputy Faculty Registrar (Academic), Faculty of Arts
  • Chris Twine – Academic Registrar
  • Debra Wale - PL Quality, FoSS

Terms of Reference

The Professional, Statutory and Regulatory Body (PSRB) Sub-committee, is a sub-committee of the University Quality Enhancement Committee which meets to consider matters relating to PSRB professional accreditation and recognition of taught programmes. It provides opportunity for the sharing of good practice across Faculties and across PSRB activities.

  1. To further develop a common understanding of reasons and purposes for working with PSRBs.
  2. To monitor all Faculty engagement with PSRBs and report same to UQEC in the Annual Report.
  3. To share and disseminate best practice in working with PSRBs.
  4. To make recommendations to UQEC on the development and maintenance of procedures and guidelines which will inform the work of the University in relation to its engagement with Professional, Statutory and Regulatory Bodies
  5. To receive updates on PSRB partnerships and activity within Faculties.
  6. To provide a forum of relevant experience and expertise for the consideration of PSRB related issues
  7. To monitor and report upon standard procedures for receiving, logging and acting upon PSRB reports and relevant responses from Faculties.
  8. To give consideration to annual course monitoring reports for PSRB courses, and where appropriate, make recommendations to UQEC on action plans submitted by Faculties to address matters raised and on the dissemination of good practice identified
  9. To bring to the attention of Academic Regulations Sub-committee potential regulatory issues, making recommendations in the context of existing regulatory frameworks, as appropriate
  10. To submit an Annual Report to the UQEC providing an overview of the work of the PSRB Sub Committee for the past session. 

Links & Related Documents

  • Reaccreditation Schedule (currently being updated)
  • Please see e:Vision to access the PSRB Database.