Partnerships and Collaborative Sub-Committee

Meeting Dates & Minutes 2017-18

Only confirmed minutes appear here. For the availability of unconfirmed minutes, please consult the Committee Officer Marie Gildea (


  • Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic) (Chair);

  • Assistant Academic Registrar (Quality);

  • Students’ Union Representative;

  • Partner Representative;

  • Faculty representatives (one per faculty);

  • Head of TNE;

  • Head of Lifelong Learning;

  • Registry Representative;

  • Associate Dean of Academic Enhancement;

  • Director of Academic Support Representative;

  • Quality and Collaboration Unit Representative;

  • Office of the Dean of Students Representative;

  • Officer.

Quorum: 50%.

Frequency of meetings: Minimum 3 in each academic year.

Reporting Structure

Reports to: University Academic Enhancement Committee (UAEC).

Receives reports from:Faculty Collaborative Management Sub-Committees and partnership and collaborative fora.


Terms of Reference

  • Develop, implement and monitor University strategies, policies, and procedures relating to the operation of UK and overseas partnership and collaboration.
  • To maintain oversight of the University Collaborative Partners data, to include information on new partnerships, dates of partner reviews and monitoring activities.
  • To maintain oversight and monitor issues, recommendations and action plans arising from processes relating to partnership and collaborative provision such as, but not limited to: continuous monitoring and enhancement; partner review; external examiner reports.
  • To maintain oversight of the quality assurance procedures and legal requirements for partnerships and collaboration and ensure that international quality assurance agency and/or government requirements for overseas provision.
  • To ensure consistent and effective co-ordination of academic and quality processes for collaborative provision.
  • To identify and disseminate good practice in partnership and collaboration from within the University and across the sector
  • To advise UAEC on the appropriateness and effectiveness of the University’s quality assurance policies and procedures as they relate to awards and credit delivered in collaboration with partner organisations (UK and overseas) and to make recommendations for amendments, as appropriate.
  • To receive feedback/updates from Partnership and Collaborative forums from across the University e.g. Collaborative Quality Forum, FCMC.