Faculty Collaborative Management Committee

Meeting Dates & Minutes 2018-19

Please contact individual FCMC Officers for meeting dates and times for the 2018-19 academic year:

Faculty of Arts: Deborah Dallison Deborah.dallison@wlv.ac.uk 

Faculty of Education, Health and Wellbeing: Amy Welham A.Welham@wlv.ac.uk

Faculty of Science and Engineering: Patricia Osborne P.N.Osborne3@wlv.ac.uk

Faculty of Social Sciences: Mary Laba M.Laba@wlv.ac.uk 


  • Chaired by AD with responsibility for collaborative provision
  • Deputy Chair at PL level (nominated by AD)
  • Officer/Administrative support from the Faculty
  • Faculty staff (Admin & Academic) – representative of Faculty collaborative provision (UK & International)
  • QCU Officer
  • QMD Partnership Manager or Administrator
  • Representation from IC and Corporate Services as appropriate (which should include Head of WBL, QCU Officers, Registry representation, representation from DAS)

Terms of Reference

  • To ensure consistency and effective co-ordination of all academic and quality processes for collaborative provision (UK, International and Provide Providers) within the Faculty, with a view to sharing and further developing good practice.
  • To advise PCSC / UAEC on the appropriateness and effectiveness of the University’s quality assurance policies and procedures as they relate to awards and credit delivered in collaboration with partner organisations (UK and overseas) and to make recommendations for amendments as appropriate;
  • To maintain an oversight of in-country quality assurance procedures for all partnerships and legal requirements for overseas provision e.g Local quality agency review of provision/partners;
  • To maintain oversight of Faculty collaborative processes and procedures and to manage enhancements to Faculty collaborative provision and undertake any on-going monitoring;
  • To ensure implementation of University policy relating to the approval, management and monitoring of collaborative provision, to include the Memorandum of Cooperation and operations manual;
  • To receive feedback/updates from staff visits to collaborative partners such as Staff Visit Reports and identify actions as appropriate;
  • Oversight of the process for the consideration and approval of staff CVs for staff identified to deliver UoW modules at collaborative partners (FAEC to receive an approved list of staff for ratification.)
  • To review, on an annual basis, issues and recommendations arising from continuous monitoring of collaborative courses, including matters raised in external examiner reports and to make recommendations to FAEC as appropriate;
  • To receive feedback/updates from and provide information and updates to University Partnership and Collaborative forums, such as Partnerships & Collaborative Sub-committee, Collaborative Quality Forum, Collaborative Operations Group, and International Centre Partnership Management Groups;
  • To liaise with the Validation and Approvals Sub-Committee regarding the outcomes of validations, approvals and reviews of collaborative provision;
  • To maintain oversight of the Faculty entries on the University Collaborative Partners Register/database, to include information on new partnerships and partnership monitoring activities as appropriate;
  • To maintain oversight of the Faculty Business Review of its collaborative partners and on-going monitoring of any actions
  • Present an anual Faculty partnerships report to Faculty Academic Enhancement Committee for forwarding to PCSC to be incorporated into the University’s Annual Partnership Report for UAEC.

Archive of Minutes

Please contact individual FCMC Officers for previous minutes:

Faculty of Arts: Deborah Dallison Deborah.Dallison@wlv.ac.uk

Faculty of Education, Health and Wellbeing: TBC

Faculty of Science and Engineering: Patricia Osborne P.N.Osborne3@wlv.ac.uk

Faculty of Social Sciences: Erin Stokes erin.stokes@wlv.ac.uk / Matt Langham M.Langham@wlv.ac.uk

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