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Faculty Quality Enhancement Committee

Meeting Dates

Please note that Faculty Quality Enhancement Committee (FQEC) no longer meets and has been replaced by Faculty Academic Enhancement Committee

Please see below for an archive of approved minutes. 

If further information is needed, please contact your QCU Officer. 

Terms of reference

Each Faculty has a Quality Enhancement Committee which reports to the University Quality Enhancement Committee on matters pertaining to the quality, standards and enhancement of its academic provision.

  1. To monitor and disseminate developments in the sector relating to quality and enhancement;
  2. To disseminate, promote and evaluate good practice;
  3. To oversee and report on the implementation of University policies and procedures relating to quality assurance and enhancement.
  4. To monitor the Faculty’s engagement with external agencies; receive reports and outcomes from accreditation visits; and oversee the responses to be made concerning quality and standards to monitor follow-up actions.
  5. To monitor and receive progress reports on action plans from internal and external monitoring and review, including Faculty Performance review, Continuous Monitoring (Course Journals), Periodic Reviews, QAA, PSRB  and other external agencies reviews, and External Examiner reports; identify areas for enhancement and determine and implement appropriate actions.
  6. To oversee and report on the implementation of quality assurance processes for all of the Faculty’s collaborative provision.
  7. To oversee and report on the implementation of quality assurance processes for the Faculty’s academic provision, delivered through validation/accreditation services, including the monitoring of any action reports arising from validations, approvals, accreditations, deletions and terminations.
  8. To disseminate, implement and monitor changes to University policy and practice.
  9. To receive for information Academic Development proposals.
  10. To receive reports from FQEC agreed sub-committees/task and finish groups.
It will be left to each FQEC to interpret this remit and develop appropriate processes depending on the size. priorities and particular characteristics of the academic school

Links & Related Documents

Please see individual FQEC pages in the left menu for meeting dates and approved minutes.