Name Dr Alison Felce
Position Head of Work-based Learning
Location MM103
Phone 01902 322980

Alison’s first degree and early career was in Construction Management; she worked in the UK Construction Industry on a wide range of projects including housing developments, refurbishments, and new commercial and industrial properties.

Alison joined the University of Wolverhampton as a Senior Lecturer in Construction Management, progressing onto roles in Award Management, the development of new courses in the UK and overseas and a Principal Lectureship in Learning and Teaching.

Alison moved into a university-wide role as Co-ordinator for Work-based Learning working with curriculum teams across the university and in their collaboration with employers to develop work-based learning programme models and delivery skills.

Alison chaired the University Work-based and Placement Learning Forum and led the annual Employability and Enterprise Conference. She also led the University’s PGCert in Academic Practice in Higher Education which is for ‘new teachers’ in Higher Education.

Alison set up the University’s Work-based Learning unit within the Institute for Learning Enhancement and oversaw its move into the Centre for Lifelong Learning as well as the initial set up of the new Centre.

In her current role as Head of Work-based Learning Alison leads on initiatives to develop work-based learning and the University work-based learning strategy including partnerships with private training providers for accreditation of their HE level training programmes, building access and progression routes for Tri-services personnel, veterans and dependants and integrating Work-based Learning opportunities into existing curricula.

Alison is leading on the development of Higher and Degree Apprenticeships for the University and with partner organisations; she set up and is involved in the delivery of the first Higher Apprenticeship to be delivered at the University and has led on the development of the University’s Apprenticeship Hub.

Alison advises various University and Faculty committees on work-based learning, employer engagement and Higher and Degree Apprenticeships. She is Chair of the University Professional Doctorates Progression and Award Boards and of the University Recognition of Prior Learning Forum. Alison is also an active member of Faculty and University Quality Panels including Chair of UK and overseas Validations, Accreditations and Partner Reviews.

Alison is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy; her academic qualifications include:

  • Doctorate in Professional Practice: Curricular models for Work-based Learning   
  • PGCert in Learning and Teaching Higher Education 
  • MSc in Construction Management                
  • BSc (Hons) in Building

She is a Supervisor and Internal Examiner on the University’s Professional Doctorates programmes, an External Examiner for the University of Wales Trinity St David and a member of the Society for Research in Higher Education.


Alison publishes on her practice and regularly presents at conferences and workshops. She is a reviewer on the journals: Higher Education, Skills and Work-Based Learning and Construction Management and Economics.

Alison has managed a number of externally funded projects including

She was the University’s representative on a project to investigate the use of eportfolios to support employer engagement - The HE5P project: Employers, HEIs and Learners working in Partnership.


Alison’s current research interests include:

  • Curricula models and pedagogies for work-based, work-integrated, work-related and lifelong learning
  • Higher and Degree Apprenticeships

Publications and Reports

Selected publications / conferences / proceedings:

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A range of project reports are available on the following project websites: