Learning Regions

What is a Learning Region?

Lifelong Learning is key to both economic development and social cohesion, and whilst governments play a key role in establishing overall strategy, it is at regional and sub-regional level that different sectors (educational agencies, businesses, the third sector) can effectively work together to create a culture of lifelong learning that can help deliver social and economic transformation. That is the core rationale for the Wolverhampton City Learning Region initiative that the University of Wolverhampton is actively supporting.

The Wolverhampton City Learning Region initiative is linked to growth through devolution and recognises that we are not starting from scratch. It will build on existing activity, pulling together the work of different agencies to create a coherent whole and support beneficial change activity for the whole region.

Learning will be placed at the heart of the Wolverhampton City Learning Region with a focus on how learning can help create transformation to achieve economic and social development and growth. Evidence-based approaches will determine the types of learning initiatives that can resolve the problems facing the region. Partnership action will be taken to implement solutions that make a difference and focus on the desired future of the region.

Becoming a learning region can help look at questions such as;

  • Skills How do we secure more effective skills development between high skills employers and local supply chains, and how do we foster skills development in SMEs?
  • Aspiration How can we co-operate to increase aspirations for learning through engagement with different communities and sectors?
  • Opportunity How can we engage adults in learning to improve health and well-being across the city region?

These are just some examples of questions that the Wolverhampton City Learning Region could seek to address.

Given the development of the Combined Authority and the Midlands Engine, the initiative must initially focus on Wolverhampton and its hinterland, whilst building across the region.

Our Partnership Ambition

It is by working in partnership that key sectors can provide and promote learning opportunities to people in the region from all backgrounds. By taking a co-ordinated approach to learning across the region we will be best placed to deliver social and economic transformation. Through partnership working between key sectors, The Wolverhampton City Learning Region seeks to provide a wide range of learning opportunities, both formal and informal, that meet the needs of those that live here and the needs of the wider region.

By working together towards a shared vision we can promote and sustain a culture of learning throughout the region that helps to deliver social and economic prosperity. Stakeholders from all sectors must work together to determine the direction and priority actions of the Wolverhampton City Learning Region initiative. Clear, sustained commitment on the part of all partners to place learning at the heart of social and economic transformation is key.

We want to promote the value that learning can bring to the lives of all who live here. Learning Regions partners will be committed to working together to create and promote learning opportunities for everyone, regardless of age, community or background.

Who is this for?

Learning Regions truly aims to promote the value of learning to everyone. It doesn’t matter how old you are, whether you are employed, what sex you are, what your beliefs are, whether you consider yourself to be able-bodied or disabled, whether you’re looking for a formal qualification, to enhance skills you already have, to learn something completely new, to learn full-time, part-time, formally or casually, we are here to promote the value that all forms of learning can bring to you.

Learning Regions aims to promote the value of learning in the workplace, in the community, and in schools and colleges; whoever you are, whatever your circumstances, we want to promote the value of learning to you.