Disclosure Log 2016

Freedom of Information

The Freedom of Information Act 2000 creates a statutory right of access to information held by some public bodies in order to make their work as open and transparent as possible. In addition to this right of access, the University of Wolverhampton actively publishes previous requests made under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 on our Disclosure Logs. You can view these requests and our responses by clicking on the links in the table below.

Freedom of Information Disclosure Log 2016

Please see below the Disclosure Log of responses to Freedom of Information requests made in 2016.



Category Date Request Preview Response
FOI-001-2016 FEH&W 04.01.2016 The request is for information about students and staffing within your midwifery education department.

 FOI-001-2016 (PDF 11K, Downloads file)

FOI-001-2016 Midwifery Return (PDF 103K, Downloads file)

FOI -002- 2016     Catering  04.01.2016  Whether any ritually slaughtered food products (i.e. halal or kosher) are sold on any of the university campus food outlets?  FOI-002-2016 (PDF 13K, Downloads file)
 FOI -003 - 2016   Office of the Dean of Students  04.01.2016  The number of times the university has interviewed or reported a student to the police/relevant authorities on suspicion of carrying out religious or racially-motivated hate speech...  FOI-003-2016 (PDF 9K, Downloads file)
 FOI - 004 - 2016   IT Services  12.01.2016  Information relating to Fixed Telecommunications and Internet Services... FOI-004-2016 (PDF 32K, Downloads file) 
 FOI - 005 - 2016   IT Services  12.01.2016  Information which relates to the organisation's Wi-Fi contract(s) especially around managed guest and visitor WiFi.  FOI-005-2016 (PDF 18K, Downloads file)
 FOI -  006- 2016   Procurement & Finance  13.01.2016  Information relating to revenue generated by the University through graduation-related products and services...

 FOI-006-2016 (PDF 26K, Downloads file)

FOI-006-2016 Framing and Photography Specification (PDF 176K, Downloads file)

FOI-006-2016 Gowning Specification (PDF 107K, Downloads file)

 FOI -  007- 2016    IT Services  21.01.2016  Do you use paid-for service, subscription and or licensed software to support Digital Governance?  FOI-007-2016 (PDF 9K, Downloads file)
 FOI - 008 - 2016   Estates & Facilities  22.02.2016  Does the University currently have a contract for I.T. disposal?  FOI-008-2016 (PDF 15K, Downloads file)
 FOI - 009- 2016   Student Planning  22.02.2016  For each of the years 2014, 2015 the percentage of students graduating from the university with an LLB degree...

 FOI-009-2016 (PDF 11K, Downloads file)

FOI-009-2016 LLB Return 2014/15 (PDF 15K, Downloads file)

 FOI -  010- 2016   Counselling  25.01.2016  Please provide the number of students who applied for an appointment for counselling services...  FOI-010-2016 (PDF 22K, Downloads file)
 FOI -  011- 2016    Procurement & Finance  27.01.2016  Structures of the following departments within your organisation: Finance, Procurement  FOI-011-2016 (PDF 28K, Downloads file)
 FOI - 012 - 2016   IT Services & Student Planning  02.012.206  For the most recent year you have figres for the number of staff and number of students within the organisation

 FOI-012-2016 (PDF 14K, Downloads file)

FOI-012-2016 IT System Equipment Details (PDF 70K, Downloads file)

FOI-012-2016 IT System Equipment Details (PDF 70K, Downloads file)

 FOI - 013 - 2016   Human Resources  02.02.206  Who is the forensic sicence lead for your institution?   FOI-013-2016 (PDF 13K, Downloads file)
 FOI -  014- 2016   Offices of the Vice Chancellor  08.02.2016  Name and contact details of Principal/Dean or Director, Business Development Manager, Partnership Manager...  Withdrawn by applicant
 FOI -015  - 2016   Dean of Research  08.02.2016  Does your institution have a policy of the receipt of funding from the tobacco, alcohol or gambling industries?  FOI-015-2016 (PDF 11K, Downloads file)
 FOI - 016 - 2016   Finance   08.02.2016  Each company that you did business with during 2015 and where your total expenditure with that company during that period was equal to or in excess of £20,000...

 FOI-016-2016 (PDF 11K, Downloads file)

FOI-016-2016 Supplier Spend over £20,000 (PDF 106K, Downloads file)

 FOI -017  - 2016   Student Planning   08.02.2016  Please tell me the total number of undergraduates degrees the university awarded in the last 5 Academic Years  Withdrawn by applicant
 FOI -  018- 2016   Finance  10.02.2016  How much money is your institution currently pursuing in unpaid tuition fees? FOI-018-2016 (PDF 22K, Downloads file) 
 FOI - 019 - 2016   International   11.02.2016  Please tell me the total cost for the 13 person visit to Brussels in 2016  FOI-019-2016 (PDF 18K, Downloads file)
 FOI - 020 - 2016   Finance & Research  16.02.2016  Details of all funding received by the University from the following companies; Bayer; Syngenta; Crop Protection Association; National Farmers Union, for the years 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015.  FOI-020-2016 (PDF 11K, Downloads file)
 FOI - 021 - 2016   External Relations  17.02.2016  Did the University pay for a Newspaper Licensing Agency of Copyright Licensing Agency media license (sic.) in 2013-2014?

FOI-021-2016 (PDF 13K, Downloads file) 

 FOI - 022 - 2016   IT Services  19.02.2016  What Manufacturer is your phone system? When does your phone contract come up for renewal on the Phone System...  FOI-022-2016 (PDF 18K, Downloads file)
 FOI - 023 - 2016   Office of the Dean of Students  22.02.2016  Copies of complaints about halal food received between January 2015 and February 2016.  FOI-023-2016 (PDF 9K, Downloads file)
 FOI - 024 - 2016   Office of the Dean of Students  22.02.2016  Copies of complaints or comments about prayer rooms received between January 2015 and February 2016.  FOI-024-2016 (PDF 8K, Downloads file)
 FOI - 025 - 2016   Faculty of Arts  23.02.2016  For your film BA and MA courses, please tell me the number of hours the students are taught.  FOI-025-2016 (PDF 49K, Downloads file)
 FOI - 026 - 2016   Office of the Dean of Students  24.02.2016  How many students have committed/been suspected of committing a criminal offence during the period they were studying at your institution?  FOI-026-2016 (PDF 16K, Downloads file)
 FOI - 027 - 2016   IT Services  24.02.2016  What vendor makes up all of/the majority of your wired and wireless networks (LAN/WLAN)?  FOI-027-2016 (PDF 33K, Downloads file)
 FOI - 028 - 2016   Student Planning  24.02.2016  Total FTE of first-degree students in 2014/15, exclusing non-collaboration/franchised and distance learning Higher Education and Further Education students;

 FOI-028-2016 (PDF 20K, Downloads file)

FOI-028-2016 spreadsheet

 FOI - 029 - 2016   Human Resources  26.02.2016  How many of your academic staff hold a Professorial Chair at your institution?  FOI-029-2016 (PDF 25K, Downloads file)
 FOI -030  - 2016   Human Resources  29.02.2016  The number of Open Access PCs (PCs available to Students in Libraries for example)...

 FOI-030-2016 (PDF 34K, Downloads file)

FOI-030-2016 ITS Organisational Chart (PDF 92K, Downloads file)

 FOI - 031 - 2016   Estates and Facilities  02.03.2016  Shooting Rights on UoW Land-Does the Public Authority have arrangement(s) such as, or similar to, that described above?  FOI-031-2016 (PDF 12K, Downloads file)
 FOI - 032 - 2016   Payroll & Finance 09.03.2016   Details regarding how much money has been spent on overtime and travel expenses, Disturbance Allowance to help cover the (security) night shift since June 2014  FOI-032-2016 (PDF 11K, Downloads file)
 FOI - 033 - 2016   Student Planning  09.03.2016   For the following groups for the 2015/2016 year: Undergraduates, 1st, 2nd and 3rd year statistics...  FOI-033-2016 (PDF 16K, Downloads file)
 FOI - 034 - 2016   FEH&W  10.03.2016  How many Return to Practice nurse course places did you offer - ie have the budget for - in the academic year from the start of September 2014 to the end of August 2015?  FOI-034-2016 (PDF 14K, Downloads file)
 FOI - 035 - 2016   Office of the Dean of Students  14.03.2016 How much money has been allocated for hardship allowances, access to learning funds, or other discretionary funding to support all students' studies...  FOI-035-2016 (PDF 30K, Downloads file)
 FOI - 036  - 2016   Office of the Dean of Students  15.03.2016  The total number of anti-Semitic incidents, or incidents related to anti-Semitism, which have been reported to, or recorded by university staff, between January 2015 and March 2016.  FOI-036-2016 (PDF 29K, Downloads file)
FOI - 037 - 2016  Student Planning  23.03.2016  Student breakdown by Faculty, gender, year of study...

 FOI-037-2016 (PDF 35K, Downloads file)

FOI-037-2016 UoW Return

FOI - 038 - 2016  Office of the Dean of Students  30.03.2016  The total number of reports made by students and staff for discrimination, harassment or victimisation to the university for the following calendar years...  FOI-038-2016 (PDF 31K, Downloads file)
FOI - 039 - 2016  External Relations  30.03.2016  Please may I request the names, offices telephone numbers and job titles of current staff that are involved with or work in the following departments; Marketing &/or Communications; ...  FOI-039-2016 (PDF 31K, Downloads file)
FOI - 040 - 2016  Head of Corporate Governance  30.03.2016  Could you please provide details of the Key Performance Indicators used by the remuneration body / committee when measuring performance for staff earning above £1000,000 p.a

FOI-040-2016 (PDF 28K, Downloads file)

FOI-040-2016 Policy (PDF 149K, Downloads file) 

FOI - 041 - 2016  Office of the Dean of Students  30.03.2016

 Pelase would you be able to provide me with:

1. a copy of any document(s) outlining the university's interpretation of the new duties and how it will affect the university...

FOI-041-2016 (PDF 36K, Downloads file)

FOI-041-2016 Safeguarding (PDF 484K, Downloads file) 

FOI - 042 - 2016  Finance  30.03.2016  On behalf of Shropshire Council, CPRAS are designing a Payment Services Framework Agreement which will be open to you from June 2016...

 FOI-042-2016 (PDF 30K, Downloads file)

FOI-042-2016 CPRAS Return

FOI - 043 - 2016  Human Resources  30.03.2016  (A) the number whose holders' responsibilities included the direct provision of teaching as part of a course leading to a qualification at your institution or one of its constituent colleges...  
FOI - 044 - 2016  Finance  30.03.2016  Please could you provide me with your temporary agency labour spend, academic and non-academic, for 2014 and 2015.  FOI-044-2016 (PDF 35K, Downloads file)
FOI - 45 - 2016  Head of Corporate Governance  31.03.2016  ... to view the minutes of the July 2015 Board of Governors meeting and the June September Academic Board meetings and all reports to those meetings in respect of the topic of university league tables...

 FOI-045-2016 (PDF 34K, Downloads file)

FOI-045-2016 League Tables Report (PDF 47K, Downloads file)

FOI - 46 - 2016  Dean of Research  31.03.2016  How much money your institution has been receiving each year fromthe European Union to fund research during the last 10 years and for which program/area of study...  FOI-046-2016 (PDF 17K, Downloads file)
 FOI - 47 - 2016  Estates and Facilities  01.04.2016  Could you please provide me with the structure and names of your Estates and Facilities department...  FOI-047-2016 (PDF 32K, Downloads file)
 FOI - 48 - 2016  Finance  04.04.2016  How many staff employed by the university were overpaid in each of the financial years: 2011-12, 2012-13, 2013-14, 2014-15, and 2015-16?  FOI-048-2016 (PDF 11K, Downloads file)
 FOI - 49 - 2016  Office of the Dean of Students  06.04.2016  How many students at the university use note takers or support workers - for the current academic year and in 2010/2011 academic year?  FOI-049-2016 (PDF 14K, Downloads file)
 FOI - 50 - 2016  Office of the Dean of Students  08.04.2016  How many sexual assaults on campus have taken place at your University for as many years as your University can provide winthin cost limits?  FOI-050-2016 (PDF 9K, Downloads file)
 FOI - 51 - 2016  IT Services  11.04.2016  For each of the categories can you please provide me with the relevant contract information listed below: Software Category: ERP, CRM, HR, Payroll, Finance...   FOI-051-2016 (PDF 20K, Downloads file)
 FOI - 52 - 2016  Student Planning  11.04.2016  For each fo the past three academic years the number of students from the university who were successful in applications to study abroad under the ERASMUS programme...  FOI-052-2016 (PDF 12K, Downloads file)
 FOI - 53 - 2016  Student Planning  12.04.2016  ...information with regards to black male students and their involvement on sport courses.

 FOI-053-2016 (PDF 12K, Downloads file)

FoI-053-2016 UoW Return

 FOI - 54 - 2016  Learning Information Services  12.04.2016  What was the sum of the biggest fine issued to a student at your institution and provide a brief explanation of why the fine was issued?  FoI-054-2016 (PDF 15K, Downloads file)
 FOI - 55 - 2016  IT Services  15.04.2016  Total amount you spent on IT hardware, software and services in your academic year ending 31 July 2015  FoI-055-2016 (PDF 14K, Downloads file)
 FOI - 56 - 2016  Estates and Facilities  22.04.2016  Who is the incumbent supplier(s) (external or in-house DLO); Waste and Recycling; Ground Maintenance; Catering Services...

 FoI-056-2016 (PDF 26K, Downloads file)

FoI-056-2016 hard facilities maintenance (PDF 101K, Downloads file)

 FOI - 57 - 2016  External Relations  25.04.2016  What were the university's total student volumes by stage of enrolment process?...  Withdrawn by applicant
 FOI - 58 - 2016  Finance  26.04.2016  Please can you provide a list of the frameworks that you use to procure the following services Quantity Surveying, Project Management, Architecture, Mechanical and Electrical design...  FoI-058-2016 (PDF 14K, Downloads file)
 FOI - 59 - 2016  Office of the Deans of Students  27.04.2016  In each of the academic years from 2010-2011 to 2015-16 (up to the date on which you begin processing this request), how many disciplinary incidents haveyou recorded involving the inappropriate possession, supply or use of each of the following substances:...  FoI-059-2016 (PDF 9K, Downloads file)
 FOI - 60 - 2016  Office of the Deans of Students  29.04.2016  The number of students who have paused or abandoned their studies due to illness in each of the past five complete academic uears (i.e. to 2010-11 to 2014-15).  FoI-060-2016 (PDF 14K, Downloads file)
 FOI - 61 - 2016  Student Enabling Centre  03.05.2016  The number of students currently registered at the University with a visual impairment, who are UK nationals...  FoI-061-2016 (PDF 15K, Downloads file)
 FOI - 62 - 2016  Head of Corporate Governance  03.05.2016  Please could you let me know how much has been paid in travel expenses for the university security night shift since January 2014...  FoI-062-2016 (PDF 14K, Downloads file)
 FOI - 63 - 2016  Procurement  09.05.2016  I would like to ask a few questions about your prospectus design & artwork and your website design & management...  FoI-063-2016 (PDF 13K, Downloads file)
 FOI - 64 - 2016  Dean of Research  10.05.2016  In the last year, how many animals were killed as part of research at your institution? Please provide the information for the calendar year 2015...  Live
 FOI - 65 - 2016  Estates and Facilities  10.05.2016  For each fo the contract types I am requesting (Vehicle Maintenance, Lease, Hire) can you please provide me with the contract information for each individual supplier...  FoI-065-2016 (PDF 20K, Downloads file)
 FOI - 66 - 2016  Student Planning  13.05.2016  a. How many students currently attend the institution? b. Where do current students live? c. Of current students, how many are local and how many take accommodation locally to attend?...  FoI-066-2016 (PDF 19K, Downloads file)
 FOI - 67 - 2016  Student Planning  13.05.2016

Number of students who have A-level qualifications

Number of students who have a Btec qualification

Number of students from each of those backgrounds who drop out...

 Withdrawn by applicant
 FOI - 68 - 2016  Procurement  17.05.2016  I would like to receive a list of the companies who tendered for your contract "ITT for the provision of Storage, Virtualization and Backup Environment" and a copy of the winning tender response...  FoI-068-2016 (PDF 8K, Downloads file)
 FOI - 69 - 2016  IT Services  18.05.2016  A list of models of the physical servers, storage devices, tape libraries, network switches and routers under support contracts;...  Live
 FOI - 70 - 2016  Office of the Dean of Students  23.05.2016

 1) How many nursing students have been found guilty of academic misconduct? 2) In each case, what sort of academic misconduct were they found guilty of?...

 FoI-070-2016 (PDF 15K, Downloads file)
 FOI - 71 - 2016  Estates and Facilities  23.05.2016  Please can you provide me with the organisation's existing contracts relating to facilities management for each of the categories below:...  FoI-071-2016 (PDF 22K, Downloads file)
 FOI - 72 - 2016   Office of the Dean of Students  26.05.2016  How many reports of injuries caused by mortar boards you have received in 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011?  FoI-072-2016 (PDF 8K, Downloads file)
 FOI - 73 - 2016  Student Planning  31.05.2016  Statistics on learning disability nurses course (full details on spreadsheet)  FoI-073-2016 (PDF 11K, Downloads file)
 FOI - 74 - 2016   IT Services  01.06.2016  What was is the current state of the universities IT software and system infrastructure?...  FOI-074-2016 (PDF 37K, Downloads file)
 FOI - 75 - 2016  Faculty of Education Health and Wellbeing  01.06.2016  If you currently offer any self-funded undergraduate nursing and/or midwifery degree programmes...  FoI-075-2016 (PDF 12K, Downloads file)
FOI - 76 - 2016 Student Planning   16.06.2016  Results of the final year students on the Pharmacy programme...  Live
FOI - 077 - 2016  Finance  17.06.2016  What was the market value of the institution's endowment funds on 31 July 2015?  Live
FOI - 078 - 2016  IT Support  22.06.2016  IT Contract information, broadband, mobile fleet provider, landline provider...  Live
FOI - 079 - 2016  IT Support  23.06.2016  Does your organisation currently have a contract for photocopiers, Multi-function devices or printers?  FoI-079-2016 (PDF 9K, Downloads file)
FOI - 080 - 2016  Human Resources  23.06.2016  How many staff training courses has George Smalling Associated Ltd conducted for the University in the following years: 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016?  Live
FOI - 081 - 2016  Student Planning  27.06.2016  For each UCAS disability code please tell me: number of applications received by candidates who declared such a disability; number of offers made to candidates with such a disability...  Live
FOI - 082 - 2016  Counselling


 The number of students who presented at your university's student counselling service with one of the following issues, as categorised by the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy - Universities and Colleges (BACP-UC)...  Live
FOI - 083 - 2016  Office of the Dean of Students  27.06.2016  The number of students who committed suicide while enrolled at your university for the calendar years 2010/11 - 2014/15, and 2015/16...  Live
FOI - 084 - 2016  Office of the Dean of Students  27.06.2016  The number of sexual assaults reported to your university Please provide the information for 2014, 2015 and 2016 to date...  Live
FOI - 085 - 2016  Procurement  27.06.2016  Please could you provide me with the estimated annual spend for the last financial year on white goods / domestic appliances...  Live
FOI -086  - 2016  IT Services  28.06.2016  IT Contract information; network, desktop, applications...  Live
FOI - 087 - 2016  Student Planning  30.06.2016  How large the university and how many students are study there?  Live
FOI - 088 - 2016  IT Services  01.07.2016  Do you have any end point or anti-virus software installed on your network devices?...  Live
FOI - 089 - 2016  Human Resources   04.07.2016  In the 2015-15 academic year, how many academic staff at your institution were employed on short term contracts (of one year or less in duration)?...  Live
FOI - 090 - 2016 Office of the Dean of Students 07.07.2016 Please disclose the number of complaints and appeals received by this university from students in each of the following academic years: 2011-12, 2012-13, 2013-14, 2014-15 and 2015-16. Live
FOI - 091 - 2016  IT Services 11.07.2016 Please could you provide me with information about your ICT expenditure, broken down in; Expenditure from all parts of your organisation (centralised IT and departmental IT)... Live
FOI - 092 - 2016 Human Resources 12.07.2016 Please could you provide the specific job titles and salary range (to the nearest 10,000 pounds) of all staff employed by Wolverhampton University who are paid over 80,000 pounds Live
FOI - 093 - 2016 Human Resources 14.07.2016  Please advise the total staff headcount that are employed directly by the University of Wolverhampton, with each part-time employee counted as one employee. Please exclude all temporary agency workers from this figure...  Live
FOI - 094 - 2016  Finance and Procurement   14.07.2016  Please can you provide your total spend against the NUWPEC agreement for the Supply of Electronic Components and Associated Products, Service Kits...  Live
FOI - 095 - 2016 Human Resources  15.07.2016  The number of staff in Campus Operations division at City Campus, Wolverhampton, who have received a Police Community Resolution Order from 2013 to 2016...  Live
FOI -096  - 2016  Office of the Dean of Students  19.07.2016  The number of reported racist incidents at the university for the last five years. If possible, please break down the information into annual periods and detail if the complainant and victim are students, staff...  Live

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