Disclosure Log 2015

Freedom of Information

The Freedom of Information Act 2000 creates a statutory right of access to information held by some public bodies in order to make their work as open and transparent as possible. In addition to this right of access, the University of Wolverhampton actively publishes previous requests made under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 on our Disclosure Logs. You can view these requests and our responses by clicking on the links in the table below.

Freedom of Information Disclosure Log 2015

Please see below the Disclosure Log of responses to Freedom of Information requests made in 2015.



Category Date   Request Preview Response
FOI-001-2015 International Office 30.01.2015   I am interested to know about the university courses in Nepal, does any college or university hold the right to deal with students in the name of the university?  FOI-001-2015 (PDF 12K, Downloads file)
FOI-002-2015  Human Resources  26.01.2015   Does the university/college have any employer justified retirement age (EJRA) (under the Equality Act 2010)?

 FOI-002-2015 (PDF 20K, Downloads file)

FOI-002-2015 Disciplinary Policy and Procedure (PDF 87K, Downloads file)

FOI-002-2015 Poor Performance Guidelines 260115 (PDF 44K, Downloads file)

FOI-003-2015  IT Services  26.01.2015   The information that I require relates to a specific external/3rd party hosting contract (IT Services) which may include...

 FOI-003-2015 (PDF 76K, Downloads file)

 FOI-003-2015 External Hosting (PDF 76K, Downloads file)

FOI-004-2015 Office of the Dean of Students  10.03.2015   The number of students seeking financial support from the university by academic year (between 2009-10 to 2014-15)...  FOI-004-2015 (PDF 24K, Downloads file)
FOI-005-2015  Finance  28.01.2015   Relating 2012, 2013, 2014, please provide the cost of staff trips abroad for each year with a breakdown by country or city...  FOI-005-2015 (PDF 35K, Downloads file)
FOI-006-2015  Finance


  A list of expenses claims made to the University from non-executive management figures from 1 January 2010 to 1 January 2015...  Withdrawn by applicant
FOI-007-2015  Human Resources  24.02.2015   Over the past three financial years how much have you spent on training? (by Year)  FOI-007-2015 (PDF 18K, Downloads file)
FOI-008-2015  Finance   24.02.2015    A list of expenses claimed by members of the University Office of the Vice-Chancellor from 1 January 2013 to 1 January 2015…  FOI-008-2015 (PDF 14K, Downloads file)
FOI-009-2015  IT Services   24.02.2015    How many computers does your university have across all of your campuses that students have access to…  FOI-009-2015 (PDF 16K, Downloads file)
FOI-010-2015  Accommodation Services   26.01.2015    Who is the current provider of managed Internet services to the University's student accommodation premises?

 FOI-010-2015 (PDF 11K, Downloads file)

 FOI-010-2015 Q3. Rooming Plan 260115 (PDF 41K, Downloads file)

FOI-011-2015  Human Resources   26.01.2015    Information for 2012 -  List of all NAMES from all departments who graduated in 2012 obtaining a PhD.  FOI-011-2015 (PDF 9K, Downloads file)
FOI-012-2015  Registry   25.02.2015    How many undergraduate applications were made by people with unspent convictions for the academic years 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011 and 2010?  FOI-012-2015 (PDF 14K, Downloads file)
FOI-013-2015 IT Services   10.03.2015   IT landscape data, number of desktops, laptops etc.

 FOI-013-2015 (PDF 10K, Downloads file)

FOI-013-2015 IT Landscape (PDF 72K, Downloads file)

FOI-014-2015  Dean of Research   25.02.2015   I would like to formally request the following information regarding Hydraulic fracturing (also hydrofracturing, hydrofracking, fracking, or fracking); …  FOI-014-2015 (PDF 9K, Downloads file)
FOI-015-2015 IT Services  10.03.2015   Specific ICT contract(s) for Server Hardware Maintenance, Server Virtualisation License and Maintenance and Storage Area Network Maintenance/Support…  FOI-015-2015 (PDF 29K, Downloads file)
FOI-016-2015  IT Services  11.03.2016    Please can you identify the number, make, model and location of videoconferencing systems that you have within the university.  FOI-016-2015 (PDF 16K, Downloads file)
FOI-017-2015  Student Planning  11.03.2016    I would like to make the following request for information in respect of the University’s law programmes…  FOI-017-2015 (PDF 14K, Downloads file)
FOI-018-2015  Finance  10.03.2016    I would like to know how much research funding (including fellowships and commercialisation streams) you received (as opposed to secured) during your last complete financial year…  FOI-018-2015 (PDF 34K, Downloads file)
FOI-019-2015  Human Resources  13.03.2016    I would like to know the age and identity of your youngest pro-vice-chancellor or equivalent.  FOI-019-2015 (PDF 12K, Downloads file)
FOI-020-2015  Student Planning  13.03.2016    We are interested in the following statistics for each of the last 5 years your pharmacy school had an intake of students:  FOI-020-2015 (PDF 12K, Downloads file)
FOI-021-2015  Human Resources  LIVE    I should like to know how many members of your permanent teaching staff (full-time academics) are from ethic minorities (Black/Asian/Mixed).

 FOI-021-2015 (PDF 12K, Downloads file)

FOI-021-2015 Ethnic Minority Teaching Staff (PDF 89K, Downloads file)

FOI-022-2015  IT Services  11.03.2016   For 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015: The number of times the
Institution has monitored / accessed staff email accounts;…
 FOI-022-2015 (PDF 20K, Downloads file)
FOI-023-2015  Student Planning  25.02.2015    How many students are actively studying any music based degree...   FOI-023-2015 (PDF 8K, Downloads file)
FOI-024-2015  Estates & Facilities  20.03.2015    Would it be possible to obtain a structure chart of the estates department  FOI-024-2015 (PDF 11K, Downloads file)
FOI-025-2015  Human Resources  13.03.2015    Breakdown of the total number of male and female staff members in your institute's Faculty of Science:  FOI-025-2015 (PDF 20K, Downloads file)
FOI-026-2015  Estates & Facilities  16.03.2015    A list of all subcontractors, suppliers and consultants involved with the development of a three and four storey building for education...  FOI-026-2015 (PDF 8K, Downloads file)
FOI-027-2015  IT Services  13.03.2015    Future plan and strategy of the organisation's ICT department  FOI-027-2015 (PDF 14K, Downloads file)
FOI-028-2015  Estates & Facilities  13.03.2015   Estimated total annual spend on electrical materials for estates and facilities for the last financial year.   
FOI-029-2015  International Office  23.04.2015    Please provide the total cost of trips abroad for the purposes of a) recruiting staff b) recruiting students.  
 FOI-030-2015  Student Planning  30.04.2015    PGCHE Data  
FOI-031-2015  Offices of the Vice-Chancellor  27.03.2015    The 2014/15 and 2015/16 budgets for preventing or monitoring of extremism at the University  
FOI-032-2015  Human Resources  30.04.2015   In the last two years has your organisation used external recruitment agencies to hire for permanent or contract roles   FOI-032-2015 (PDF 24K, Downloads file)
FOI-033-2015  Marketing & Communications  30.04.2015   Breakdown of your advertising budgets for the financial years 2009-2010; 2010-2011; 2011-2012...  
 FOI-034-2015  Student Planning   15.04.2015    Please could you supply the attrition data for student nurses undertaking courses in adult, mental health and learning disability...  
FOI-035-2015 Procurement  17.04.2015    TBA.  
 FOI-036-2015  Procurement  20.04.2015    Does your organisation have clearly defined and documented processes in relation to contract management?  
FOI-037-2015  Procurement  20.04.2015    Do you have a procurement compliance function...   
FOI-038-2015  Offices of the Vice-Chancellor  23.04.2015      
FOI-039-2015  Finance  30.04.2015    The total amount of claims submitted to the university security night shift for travelling expenses...  
FOI-040-2015  IT Services  30.04.2015    IT Hardware Entitlement Policy  
FOI-041-2015 International Office  03.05.2015    Is your university in partnership with the Westford School of Management in Dubai?  
FOI-042-2015 Office of the Dean of Students  03.05.2015    What was the number of students caught cheating in coursework in the last 4 years?  
FOI-043-2015 Human Resources  03.05.2015   Did the Unviversity Of Wolverhampton offer a Pre Nursing Registration Adult Nursing DipHE for entry on to a course in 1998.  
FOI-044-2015 Student Planning  03.05.2015    How many students applied to the courses at you (sic.) university and then subsequently graduated for the academic years 09/10...  
FOI-045-2015 Human Resources  04.05.2015    The number of staff off sick with a stress related illness in the Estates and Facilities in the last 3 years up until the present date.  
 FOI-046-2015  External Relations  18.01.2016    Please provide the amount spend and the company spent with, for example linkedin £xxx, Facebook £xxx etc...  
FOI-047-2015 IT Services  06.05.2015    Fixed Broadband Provider - Supplier's name...  
FOI-048-2015 External Relations  06.05.2015    We are currently reviewing our on line (sic.) student induction...  
FOI-049-2015 Human Resources  07.05.2015    How many staff does your university currently employ to carry our communications...  
FOI-050-2015 Human Resources   07.05.2015    The percentage of home undergraduate students newly enrolled on bachelors courses that went to...  
FOI-051-2015  Offices of the Vice-Chancellor  03.05.2015    I am looking for 2014/15 PGT applicants only (not research applicants...)   
FOI-052-2015  Student Planning  10.05.2015    What is the number of students caught for plagiarism in the last four years?  
FOI-053-2015  Student Planning  11.06.2015    Please publish the total amount paid to the following publishers:

-Nature Publishing Group

-Royal Society of Chemistry

-Institute of Physics Publishing 
FOI-054-2015  IT Services  10.06.2015    Please confirm the following regarding your current MFD & Printer contracts?   
FOI-055-2015  Human Resources  17.05.2015    The number of students and staff in the University of Wolverhampton…  
FOI-056-2015  -----------------------  --------------    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------  ---------------------------------------------------------
FOI-057-2015  IT Services  20.05.2015    Contact centre/call centre contracts, Inbound network services contracts…  
FOI-058-2015  Estates and Facilities  19.05.2015    Contracts/Agreements relating to the supply of Gas which may include the following…  
FOI-059-2015  IT Services 19.06.2015    Do you employ the use of content filtering software on the PCs based in your libraries…  
FOI-060-2015  Estates and Facilities  29.06.2015    Does the University have an associated chaplain or chaplaincy?  
FOI-061-2015  IT Services  29.06.2015    The documents that hold future plan and strategy of the organisation’s ICT department  
FOI-062-2015 IT Services  29.06.2015    Starting in Q2 2015, will you begin outsourcing any services that are under the purview of your IT department…  
FOI-063-2015 Student Planning  29.06.2015    Total student numbers (both full time and part time) for each campus, for the year 2012/13  
FOI-064-2015 Human Resources  30.06.2015    Estates and facilities staff who were subject to disciplinary action, please provide, the nature of the offences…  
FOI-065-2015 IT Services  28.06.2015    What budget has been allocated for ICT technical training from 1st April 2015 to the 31st of March 2016?  
FOI-066-2015 IT Services  28.06.2015    Contracts relating to support services around help/service desk, desktop support and network support…  
FOI-067-2015 TBC  13.07.2015    Could you tell me how many animals have been used in experiments at your university in the past three financial years…  
FOI-068-2015 Student Planning  16.07.2015    A list of every database your authority holds alongside a description of what the database is…  
FOI-069-2015 Human Resources   16.07.2015    On your most recent pay settlement date, did you pay at least the living wage prevailing at that time* to your lowest paid directly employed staff…  
FOI-070-2015 Planning   28.07.2015    The way in which attendance information is recorded (if at all) in lectures and seminars/tutorials…  
FOI-071-2015 Finance  30.07.2015    How much funding was provided in endowments in past 5 years from following organisations…  
FOI-072-2015 Finance  06.08.2015    When your current contract with HR and Payroll software expires…  
FOI-073-2015 Office of the Dean of Students  06.08.2015    Could you provide the number of students who have accessed university counselling services for the past five academic years…  
 FOI-074-2015  IT Services  01.09.2015    Have you or will you begin outsourcing any services that are under the purview of the IT department...  
 FOI-075-2015  Office of the Dean of Students  18.08.2015    How many students have been cited for plagiarism and other forms of cheating at your institution in the following years...  
  FOI-076-2015  Procurement  17.08.2015    Please can you provide me with the organisation's existing contracts relating to facilities management for each of the categories below...  
  FOI-077-2015  Student Planning and Estates 17.09.2015     How many students fo you have at the University in this past academic year and every year for the past 5 years?  
  FOI-078-2015  Dean of Students  20.08.2015    How many complaints, excluding, academic appeals, about grades, your institution receives...  
  FOI-079-2015  Estates and Facilies  18.08.2015  

 Examples of recycling contracts you could have:

- Green Waste Disposal

- Household Waste Recycling

  FOI-080-2015  Procurement  18.08.2015    Information request detailing the organisation's vehicle, leasing and maintenance contracts...  
  FOI-081-2015  Human Resources   18.08.2015    How do you ask (new) staff members about their sexuality/sexula orientation?  
  FOI-082-2015  Accommodation Services  25.08.2015    The most expensive catered single-student undergraduate university room...  
  FOI-083-2015  Planning and Finance  26.08.2015    The total marketing budget for promoting postgraduate courses for each of the following years...  
  FOI-084-2015  IT Services  20.08.2015    I am conducting research on the status of IT departments within UK universities...  
  FOI-085-2015  Finance  26.08.2015    How much your university's library/libraries have charged for...  
  FOI-086-2015  IT Services  04.09.2015    Enterprise Resource Planning Software Solutions (ERP)...  
  FOI-087-2015  Procurement  04.09.2015    Your organisaton published the tender: Computer-related services 2014/S 057-095543 2014 03 21...  
  FOI-088-2015  Estates and Facilities  20.08.2015    Information regarding Wind Turbines (also wind turbines, wind power, wind farms, wind power systems, wind turbine generators...  
  FOI-089-2015  Marketing and Communications  26.08.2015    How much money has been spend on works of art for university buildings each year from 2010-2015?  
  FOI-090-2015  Finance  30.09.2015    What was the market value of the institution's endowment funds on 31 July 2015?  
  FOI-091-2015  Student Planning  04.09.2015    Please detail now mnay students qualified from your establishment with Qualified Teacher Status...  FOI-091-2015 (PDF 23K, Downloads file)
  FOI-092-2015  IT Services  21.09.2015    IT Technology information...

 FOI-092-2015 (PDF 12K, Downloads file)

FOI-092-2015 UoW Return September 2015 (PDF 66K, Downloads file)

  FOI-093-2015  Human Resources  25.09.2015    The total number of teaching staff (FTE equivalent) - -i.e. the total numbers of FTEs involved in the delivery of programmes in that cost-code area...  FOI-093-2015 (PDF 13K, Downloads file)
  FOI-094-2015  Procurement   28.09.2015    Your organisation publisehd the tender: Mains gas 2013/S 088-150096 07/05/2013...  FOI-094-2015 (PDF 19K, Downloads file)
  FOI-095-2015  Dean of Research  28.09.2015    The total value of successful research grants received by the university in the area of Tidal Energy...  FOI-095-2015 (PDF 12K, Downloads file)
  FOI-096-2015  Procurement 28.09.2015    Information about any commercial relationship the University may have with the following companies: G4S, Veolia, Eden Springs...  FOI-096-2015 (PDF 9K, Downloads file)
  FOI-097-2015  International  17.09.2015    Information about any relationships the University has with the following Israeli academic institutions...  FOI-097-2015 (PDF 12K, Downloads file)
  FOI-098-2015 Human Resources 30.09.2015    For each person who is working for the University off the payroll, has done so for more than three months, and is earning at least £100,000...  FOI-098-2015 (PDF 11K, Downloads file)
 FOI-099-2015  Finance 10.09.2015    The amount your organisation pays to the Confederation of British Industry and its subsidiaries...  FOI-099-2015 (PDF 15K, Downloads file)
  FOI-100-2015  Procurement  30.09.2015    Your organisation published the tender below: television and audio-visual equipment 2012/S 115-190240 19/06/2012  FOI-100-2015 (PDF 16K, Downloads file)
  FOI-101-2015  Procurement  28.09.2015    Date of the next tender for the collection and Secure Disposal of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment...  FOI-101-2015 (PDF 12K, Downloads file)
 FOI-102-2015  Finance  30.09.2015    If the university is directly invested in particular companies...  FOI-102-2015 (PDF 13K, Downloads file)
  FOI-103-2015  Dean of Research  30.09.2015   Between 01 August 2014 and 31 July 2015, did the institution receive any research grants of contracts relating to any of the following areas...  FOI-103-2015 (PDF 27K, Downloads file)
  FOI-104-2015  Dean of Students  28.09.2015    For the last three academic years... how many cases have been reported to the university when female students have claimed to have been the victim of a sexual assault from a male student...  FOI-104-2015 (PDF 13K, Downloads file)
  FOI-105-2015  Human Resources  Withdrawn    Please provide your current and previous family friendly policies, i.e. maternity leave, paternity leave...  ---------------------------------------------------------
  FOI-106-2015  IT Services  28.09.2015    Data relating to : Virtualisation Licensing (VMware, Solaris, Unix, Linux, Windows Server)...  FOI-106-2015 (PDF 18K, Downloads file)
  FOI-107-2015  Finance  02.11.2015    How much was spent externally on training and development courses throughout 2013, 2014 and so far in 2015...  FOI-107-2015 (PDF 9K, Downloads file)
  FOI-108-2015  Estates and Facilities  26.10.2015    Please state what energy efficiency projects you are considering in the next 1-3 years...  FOI-108-2015 (PDF 9K, Downloads file)
  FOI-109-2015  Student Planning  13.10.2015    For each of the LLB (undergraduate law) subjects taught at the University the dates of examinations taking place between March 1st and July 15th 2016...  FOI-109-2015 (PDF 22K, Downloads file)
  FOI-110-2015  HR/Finance   02.11.2015    The total funds received each year from the European Union...  FOI-110-2015 (PDF 12K, Downloads file)
  FOI-111-2015  Dean of Research  28.09.2015    The number of published retractions that have resulted from research conducted at the University from 1st January 2005 till 1st January 2015...  FOI-111-2015 (PDF 8K, Downloads file)
  FOI-112-2015  IT Services  02.11.2015    Data Management and Reporting Systems (DMRA) Software - covers the provision of Data Management...

 FOI-112-2015 (PDF 22K, Downloads file)

FOI-112-2015 UoW Return

  FOI-113-2015  Equality and Diversity  02.11.2015    Fo you have any "gender neutral" toilet facilities at your university...

 FOI-113-2015 (PDF 16K, Downloads file)

FOI-113-2015 UoW signage (PDF 62K, Downloads file)

  FOI-114-2015  Finance  --------------    How much (GBP) did the vice-chancellor receive (in addition to salary and pension costs) in presonal expenses in the year that ended on 31 July 2015?  --------------------------------------------------------
FOI-115-2015  Finance  02.02.2016    Could you please send me contract information relating to Banking Services, Audit Services and Card Processing Services...

 FOI-115-2015 (PDF 21K, Downloads file)

FOI-115-2015 UoW Return

FOI-116-2015  Accommodation Services  --------------    The total cost of university owned residences: This cost broken down by spending on:  ---------------------------------------------------------
FOI-117-2015  Offices of the Vice-Chancellor  02.11.2015    I would like to know where the £350k the unviersity has pledged to help the refugees originated from in the first instance.   FOI-117-2015 (PDF 11K, Downloads file)
FOI-118-2015  Health and Safety  02.11.2015    Has the University purchased any Ice Cleats in the last 3 years...  FOI-118-2015 (PDF 31K, Downloads file)
FOI-119-2015  Office of the Dean of Students  02.11.2015    Copies or links to nay of the following documents... External Speakers Policy, Speaker Vetting Policy...  FOI-119-2015 (PDF 19K, Downloads file)
FOI-120-2015  Office of the Dean of Students  02.11.2015    Lost examination scripts. For each of the Following Academic Years: 2014/2015...   FOI-120-2015 (PDF 16K, Downloads file)
 FOI-121-2015  Office of the Dean of Students  02.12.2015    Total number of the following offences reported to the university from 2010-2015... Sexual assault of a university student?...  FOI-121-2015 (PDF 20K, Downloads file)
 FOI-122-2015  Health and Safety  02.11.2015    Please supply me with the contacts details of all companies that you may use for PAT Testing...  FOI-122-2015 (PDF 12K, Downloads file)
 FOI-123-2015  IT Services   02.11.2015    Total amount of network capacity in Gbits per second (transit/ perring/leased/ other etc.) held between the University and Janet (AS756).  FOI-123-2015 (PDF 8K, Downloads file)
 FOI-124-2015  Office of the Dean of Students  25.11.2015    How many incidents and/or allegations of sexual violence and harassment have been recorded at the universitiy since 2013?...  FOI-124-2015 (PDF 20K, Downloads file)
 FOI-125-2015  Finance  02.11.2015    In 2014/15 (01/09/2014 - 31/07/2015) did your institution certify itself via a Self Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ)...  FOI-125-2015 (PDF 12K, Downloads file)
FOI-126-2015  IT Services  25.11.2015    Could you please send me the following information with regards to the organisation's Mobile Phones...  FOI-126-2015 (PDF 18K, Downloads file)
FOI-127-2015  Student Planning  02.11.2015    How many students does Wolverhampton University currently have?  FOI-127-2015 (PDF 11K, Downloads file)
FOI-128-2015  Counselling  26.11.2015    The average waiting time for a student in your institution to get an appointment for mental health services...  FOI-128-2015 (PDF 13K, Downloads file)
FOI-129-2015  Office of the Dean of Students  26.11.2015    I should like to find our how many complaints have been made by students to the university about their course  FOI-129-2015 (PDF 20K, Downloads file)
FOI-130-2015   Student Planning  12.01.2016    Please state the number of students registered on each of your 100% online undergraduate courses on 1 November 2015...

 FOI-130-2015 (PDF 18K, Downloads file)

FOI-130-2015 UoW Return

FOI-131-2015   IT Services  05.01.2016    Information relating to IT/Telecommunications Voice and Data Services...  FOI-131-2015 (PDF 32K, Downloads file)
FOI-132-2015  Health & Safety  05.01.2016    How many alcohol related injuries or deaths have been reported...  FOI-132-2015 (PDF 8K, Downloads file)
FOI-133-2015  Accommodation Services  12.01.2016    The number of students deemed to have remained in University Hall of residence over the last five Christmas breaks...  FOI-133-2015 (PDF 8K, Downloads file)
FOI-134-2015  IT Services  05.01.2016    The total amount spend on new ICT equipment University wide in each of the last 5 years...

 FOI-134-2015 (PDF 12K, Downloads file)

FOI-134-2015 UoW Return

FOI-135-2015  Student Planning  26.11.2015    The percentage pass rate for the second year or third year students with a grade of a 2:1 or above for last academic year in Biochemistry.   FOI-135-2015 (PDF 11K, Downloads file)
FOI-136-2015  Estates & Facilities  05.01.2016    Details of Energy Suppliers to the University.

 FOI-136-2015 (PDF 11K, Downloads file)

FoI-136-2015 UoW Data Collection Sheet

FOI-137-2015  Office of the Dean of Students  08.01.2016    For each of the last three academic years, how many students have been caught cheating?...  FoI-137-2015 (PDF 17K, Downloads file)
FOI-138-2015  Student Planning  Withdrawn    I am investigating whether students from private or state school backgrounds perform better once they reach university...  FOI-138-2015 (PDF 29K, Downloads file)
OI-139-2015  Finance  18.01.2016    How much money has the university made from hiring out its facilities in the last give years?...  FOI-139-2015 (PDF 28K, Downloads file)
FOI-140-2015  Finance  18.01.2016    Please disclose all businesses that have funded your economics department over the last five financial years (2010-2015)...  FOI-140-2015 (PDF 26K, Downloads file)
FOI-141-2015  Student Planning  07.01.2016    The number of students in their first year of studying a BA honours degree who dropped out of university during the 2014-2015 academic year.  FOI-141-2015 (PDF 8K, Downloads file)
FOI-142-2015  IT Services  26.11.2015    List of data centre locations operated/utilised by the University.  FOI-142-2015 (PDF 10K, Downloads file)
FOI-143-2015  Human Resources  05.01.2016    The number of staff in the last 12 months right up until the present data in the caretaking & security departments who were off sick with stress/work related stress/anxiety.  FOI-143-2015 (PDF 9K, Downloads file)
FOI-144-2015  Office of the University Secretary  20.01.2016    For each academic year between 2010 and 2015 how many Freedom of Information requests you received...  FOI-144-2015 (PDF 13K, Downloads file)
FOI-145-2015  Procurement  21.01.2016    Information relating to any tenders awarded for the supply, installation of signage for the University.  FOI-145-2015 (PDF 9K, Downloads file)
FOI-146-2015  External Relations  18.01.2016    Please provide the amount spent and the company spent with,  for example linkedin £xxx, Facebook £xxx etc...  FOI-146-2015 (PDF 15K, Downloads file)
FOI-147-2015   Finance & Procurement  08.01.2016    The structures of the Finance & Procurement Departments.  FOI-147-2015 (PDF 16K, Downloads file)
FOI-148-2015  Office of the Deans of Students  11.01.2016    How many religious societies have been registered at this university in each academic year 2005-2015?  FOI-148-2015 (PDF 12K, Downloads file)
FOI-149-2015  IT Services  08.01.2016    Data relating to specific ICT contract(s) for Server Hardware Maintenance, Virtualisation License and Maintenance and Storage Area Network Maintenance/Support...

 FOI-149-2015 (PDF 22K, Downloads file)

FOI-149-2015 Server Hardware (PDF 61K, Downloads file)

FOI-150-2015  Human Resources  18.01.2016    Please provide the number of staff employed by the institution on a) 01/10/2014 and b) 01/10/2015, broken down into the following categories...

 FOI-150-2015 (PDF 11K, Downloads file)

FOI-150-2015 UoW Return

FOI-151-2015  IT Services  15.01.2016    Information with regards to the organisation's Local Area Network (LAN) environment.   FOI-151-2015 (PDF 22K, Downloads file)
FOI-152-2015  Student Planning  19.01.2016    The number of pharmacy students in you (sic.) MPharm broken down in respective years 1st/2nd/3rd/4th...  FOI-152-2015 (PDF 25K, Downloads file)

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