Disclosure Log 2014

Freedom of Information Disclosure Log 2014

The Freedom of Information Act 2000 creates a statutory right of access to information held by some public bodies in order to make their work as open and transparent as possible. In addition to this right of access, the University of Wolverhampton actively publishes previous requests made under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 on our Disclosure Logs. You can view these requests and our responses by clicking on the links in the table below.

Freedom of Information Disclosure Log 2014

Please see below the Disclosure Log of responses to Freedom of Information requests made in 2014.

001-FOI-2014 Dean of Research 10.01.2014 Do you have an electron microscope image of HIV in a human cell and outside a human cell at a resolution where the architecture of the virus is visible? 001 (PDF 11K, Downloads file)
002-FOI-2014 Faculty of Health, Education & Wellbeing 21.01.2014 Please can you provide the following information about your nursing return to practice course… 002 (PDF 11K, Downloads file)
003-FOI-2014 IT Services 04.02.2014 Annually since 2008 (academic or financial, whichever is easier), the number of incidents of hacking into university servers.  003 (PDF 12K, Downloads file)
004-FOI-2014 Human Resources 13.01.2014 I am looking to find out as much detail and information as possible on the number of people who are employed on a rate below the living wage (£7.65p/h). 004 (PDF 8K, Downloads file)
005-FOI-2014 Human Resources 29.01.2014 Annually since 2008, how many promotions to full professorships have been made through a teaching route process. 005 (PDF 21K, Downloads file)
006-FOI-2014 Human Resources 24.01.2014 How many members of staff did receive more than 1 percent pay rise within the university. 006 (PDF 8K, Downloads file)
007-FOI-2014 Office of the Dean of Students 22.01.2014 The number of students when left Wolverhampton university, who have gained a full time job in their chosen area of study.

007 (PDF 21K, Downloads file)


2010-11 (PDF 800K, Downloads file)

2011-12 (PDF 845K, Downloads file)

008-FOI-2014 Office of the Dean of Students 31.01.2014 I would like to know how you record instances of research misconduct, both proven cases and allegations.

008 (PDF 23K, Downloads file)

Research Degree Regulations (PDF 165K, Downloads file)

Code of Practice for Research Programmes (PDF 155K, Downloads file)

009-FOI-2014 Student Planning 05.02.2014 Details of the number of undergraduate and postgraduate students who have dropped out of their courses since the beginning of the 2010 academic year. 009 (PDF 14K, Downloads file)
010-FOI-2014 IT Services 30.01.2014 I would like to establish whether the University of Wolverhampton use IBM's database software DB2 for Linux, UNIX and Windows or z/OS. 010 (PDF 13K, Downloads file)
011-FOI-2014 Procurement & Finance 03.02.2014 Information on eProcurement (Incl. eCatalogues, eMarketplace, eTenders, eElections and Purchasing Cards)

011 (PDF 11K, Downloads file)

eProcurementĀ Information (PDF 72K, Downloads file) 

012-FOI-2014 Office of the Dean of Students 22.01.2014 Can you please say how many appeals were made by students against academic decisions for 2012/13, 2011/12 and 2010-11. 012 (PDF 73K, Downloads file)
013-FOI-2014 IT Services 03.02.2014 In relation to the IT projects, have you begun or completed any IT projects in Q4 2013, or shall you begin any IT projects this quarter?  013 (PDF 18K, Downloads file)
014-FOI-2014 Finance (Insurance) 29.01.2014 Does your organisation insure with Zurich Municipal via their Select group of policies - Yes/No 014 (PDF 13K, Downloads file)
015-FOI-2014 Estates & Facilities 30.01.2014  Could you please release the name, telephone number and direct e-mail address for the following personnel within the University: Estates, Facilities, Compliance, Health & Safety and Sustainability Managers. 015 (PDF 18K, Downloads file)
016-FOI-2014 Office of the Dean of Students 04.02.2014 How many people/households have received support from your local welfare assistance scheme since April 2013… 016 (PDF 12K, Downloads file)
017-FOI-2014 Registry 19.02.2014 Information in relation to the (V100) History programme.

017 (PDF 23K, Downloads file)


018-FOI-2014 Office of the Dean of Students 26.02.2014 How many graduates of the Forensic Science course got jobs within 6 months of graduating…

018 (PDF 20K, Downloads file)

DLHE Extract (PDF 65K, Downloads file)

019-FOI-2014 Office of the Dean of Students 24.02.2014 A list of disciplinary cases brought against students in the last 3 academic years (2010-11, 2011-12, 2012-13)

019 (PDF 15K, Downloads file)

Student Disciplinary Cases 2011-13 (PDF 408K, Downloads file)

020-FOI-2014 Human Resources 05.03.2014 The purpose of this request is to help improve understanding of the allocation of resources to corporate or back office functions across the public sector… 020 (PDF 21K, Downloads file)
021-FOI-2014 Offices of the Vice-Chancellor 07.02.2014 The name and email addresses of the following: The Principal; Business Development Manager 021 (PDF 17K, Downloads file)
022-FOI-2014 Human Resources 27.02.2014  The number of female academics in each discipline. Please indicate how many are teaching staff and how many are academics. 022 (PDF 25K, Downloads file)
023-FOI-2014 Student Planning 24.02.2014 Number of Vietnamese students that have attended each kind of course…in a university in the last 5 years. 023 (PDF 17K, Downloads file)
024-FOI-2014 Office of the Dean of Students 24.02.2014 In relation to the cohort of students who would be registered as in employment or training, or not, by 1.1.14 after graduating from your university in the summer of 2013… 024 (PDF 23K, Downloads file)
025-FOI-2014 Offices of the Vice-Chancellor 12.03.2014 Could you please inform me how many students have sued the university since the 2002 Mike Austen case? 025 (PDF 8K, Downloads file)
026-FOI-2014 Student Planning 05.03.2014 For each of the years 2013, 2012, 2011, the percentage of students graduating from the university with an LLB degree. 026 (PDF 13K, Downloads file)
027-FOI-2014 Office of the Dean of Students 18.02.2014 The number of students who registered with the University but failed to graduate due to suicide for each year from 2010-2013. 027 (PDF 13K, Downloads file)
028-FOI-2014 Research 17.02.2014 The total number of animals used in research experiments in 2013. 028 (PDF 8K, Downloads file)
029-FOI-2014 Student Planning 24.02.2014 Please list the numbers of Chinese undergraduates and post graduates in the last five years. 029 (PDF 31K, Downloads file)
030-FOI-2014 Marketing & Communications 11.03.2014 The criteria that the University follows when awarding Honorary Degrees.

030 (PDF 14K, Downloads file)

Honorary Nominations Criteria 2010 (PDF 71K, Downloads file)

031-FOI-2014 Estates & Facilities 10.03.2014 How many establishments serve or sell caffeinated drinks at your university? 031 (PDF 9K, Downloads file)
032-FOI-2014 Human Resources 19.03.2014  For each of the last four full calendar how many employment disputes your institution has been involved with that have ended in a financial settlement being paid… 032 (PDF 15K, Downloads file)
033-FOI-2014 Estates & Facilities 12.03.2014 Could you please release details for the University's TM44 air conditioning assessments…Circa 2009/10 and those scheduled for 2014…  033 (PDF 8K, Downloads file)
034-FOI-2014 Human Resources 05.03.2014 I would like to know how many caretakers/assistant caretakers are employed by the University and how many of them are at grade: UW2; UW3; UW4.

034 (PDF 19K, Downloads file)

UW2 Science Park Caretaker (PDF 242K, Downloads file)

UW2 Caretaker (PDF 295K, Downloads file)

HERA Score Summary UW2 Caretaker (PDF 71K, Downloads file)

035-FOI-2014 Marketing and Communications 25.03.2014 When will you be tendering for your next prospectus… 035 (PDF 13K, Downloads file)
036-FOI-2014 Office of the Dean of Students 21.03.2014 I would like to request any data that you have on graduate employment over the last 5 years…

036 (PDF 21K, Downloads file)

DLHE Report 2011-12 (PDF 889K, Downloads file)

037-FOI-2014 Finance 27.03.2014 A copy of your Finance/ Financial Strategy 037 (PDF 8K, Downloads file)
038-FOI-2014 Offices of the Vice-Chancellor 24.03.2014 I am writing to request a copy of the most recent set of minutes for the university Board of Governors’ Remuneration Committee. 038 (PDF 11K, Downloads file)
039-FOI-2014 Insurance 07.03.2014 Contract information relating to insurance services which include the following: Motor; Property; Accident and Liability

039 (PDF 11K, Downloads file)

Insurance Services (PDF 1K, Downloads file)

040-FOI-2014 Registry 31.03.2014 Details of a contract which the University awarded to Tribal for the provision of an Enterprise Service Desk solution. 040 (PDF 11K, Downloads file)
041-FOI-2014 Estates & Facilities 20.03.2014 An up to date list of subcontractors, suppliers and consultants involved with the part demolition, refurbishment and extension to the existing MB Building… 041 (PDF 11K, Downloads file)
042-FOI-2014 Student Planning 24.03.2014 Full list of current module titles and their corresponding module codes

042 (PDF 11K, Downloads file)

Module Codes & Titles 2013-14 (PDF 91K, Downloads file)

043-FOI-2014 Finance 14.02.2014 Copy of your accounts from 1999/2000 through to 2002/2003

043 (PDF 16K, Downloads file)

Financial Statement 2000 (PDF 886K, Downloads file)

Financial Statement 2001 (PDF 131K, Downloads file)

Financial Statement 2002 (PDF 151K, Downloads file)

Financial Statement 2003 (PDF 153K, Downloads file)

044-FOI-2014 Finance 02.04.2014 How much non-tuition fee debt is currently owed to the institute?... 044 (PDF 12K, Downloads file)
045-FOI-2014 Procurement 24.03.2014 What was the total amount spent by the university on garments in the last financial year (2011-2012)… 045 (PDF 22K, Downloads file)
046-FOI-2014 Office of the Dean of Students 19.05.2014 Number of recorded cases of dyslexia for each academic year.

046 (PDF 28K, Downloads file)

046-FOI-2014 Considerate Marking Assessment Guidelines (Word doc 100k)

046-FOI-2014 Dyslexia Assessment Policy (Word doc 28k)

046-FOI-2014 Questions A & E

047-FOI-2014 Office of the Dean of Students 17.04.2014 The number of students at the university who are registered disabled. 047 (PDF 21K, Downloads file)
048-FOI-2014 Estates & Facilities 08.04.2014 Information relating to the expenditure for the project (MB Building) 048 (PDF 8K, Downloads file)
049-FOI-2014 Human Resources 17.04.2014 How are tutors for undergraduate and postgraduate courses recruited? 049 (PDF 23K, Downloads file)
050-FOI-2014 Offices of the Vice-Chancellor 30.04.2014 How many students details have you passed on to the police.

050 (PDF 16K, Downloads file)

Section 29 Procedure (PDF 35K, Downloads file)

051-FOI-2014 Estates & Facilities 03.04.2014 How many electric vehicles (purely electric not hybrid or plug-in hybrid) does the university own? 051 (PDF 8K, Downloads file)
052-FOI-2014 Office of the Dean of Students 01.05.2014 In the last 3 academic years how many of your undergraduate students were expelled for unacceptable behaviour? 052 (PDF 17K, Downloads file)
053-FOI-2014 Office of the Dean of Students 17.04.2014 Since the 9/11 attacks, have any speakers/events at your institution been cancelled because of police or security concerns about controversial speakers? 053 (PDF 12K, Downloads file)
054-FOI-2014 Estates & Facilities 08.05.2014 An up to date list of subcontractors, suppliers, consultants and contact telephone numbers, involved with the part demolition, refurbishment and extension to the existing MB Building… 054 (PDF 14K, Downloads file)
055-FOI-2014 Offices of the Vice-Chancellor 08.04.2014 Please provide a copy of the most recent set of minutes for the remuneration committee. 055 (PDF 9K, Downloads file)
056-FOI-2014 Offices of the Vice-Chancellor 08.05.2014  Information on higher education institutions’ use of related companies such as wholly or part-owned subsidiaries… 056 (PDF 16K, Downloads file)
057-FOI-2014 Human Resources 15.05.2014 Please could you provide the total number of professors currently employed by the university… 057 (PDF 16K, Downloads file)
059-FOI-2014 Office of the Dean of Students 19.05.2014 In each of the last three academic years…how many academic appeals/complaints have been formally submitted by undergraduates and postgraduates… 059 (PDF 19K, Downloads file)
060-FOI-2014 Estates & Facilities 30.04.2014 Copy of the winning bid for manned security services running currently. 060 (PDF 8K, Downloads file)
061-FOI-2014 Human Resources 08.05.2014 The number of officially declared romantic or sexual relationships between faculty members and students from 2004 to 2014. 061 (PDF 8K, Downloads file)
062-FOI-2014 Human Resources 23.05.2014 Total number of all academics (people rather than Full Time Equivalents) currently employed by the university either permanently or on contract, including both full and part time posts. 062 (PDF 11K, Downloads file)
063-FOI-2014 Office of the Dean of Students  06.06.2014 The annual number of students caught plagiarising any coursework...  FOI-063-2015 (PDF 16K, Downloads file)
064-FOI-2014 Estates and Facilities  19.05.2014 Information about university accommodation, for first-year undergraduate students in the 2014/15 academic year.  064-FOI-2014 (PDF 12K, Downloads file)
065-FOI-2014 Finance  12.06.2014 Full financial accounts/statement of accounts from 1996/1997 through to 1998/1999.


065-FOI-2014 financial statements 1996-97 (PDF 2,766K, Downloads file)

065-FOI-2014 financial statements 1997-98 (PDF 2,787K, Downloads file)

065-FOI-2014 financial statements 1998-99 (PDF 3,064K, Downloads file)

066-FOI-2014 Finance  14.08.2014 Please give detailed of the number of trips abroad undertaken by the vice chancellor (or equivalent  e.g. rector etc.) in the latest two years...  066-FOI-2014 (PDF 34K, Downloads file)
067-FOI-2014 Finance  25.06.2014 What is your spend on business travel and subsistence (or travel alone if total costs unavailable) for staff for the 2012/13 and 2013/14 financial years...

 067-FOI-2014 (PDF 18K, Downloads file)

067-FOI-2014 Policy on International Travel by Employees (PDF 419K, Downloads file)

068-FOI-2014 Estates and Facilities  24.06.2014 An up to date list of subcontractors, suppliers and consultants and telephone nimbers involved in the construction of a Business School.  068-FOI-2014 (PDF 8K, Downloads file)
069-FOI-2014 Human Resources  10.07.2014 Please could you supply me with some figures relating to REF 2014 as follows:...  069-FOI-2014 (PDF 9K, Downloads file)
070-FOI-2014 Office of the Dean of Students  24.06.2014  I would like to know whether any of your student support representatives have taken the ASIST...  070-FOI-2014 (PDF 15K, Downloads file)
071-FOI-2014 IT Services  07.07.2014  Please can you provide all the public-facing Internet Protocol addresses (IP addresses) that the university uses?  071-FOI-2014 (PDF 8K, Downloads file)
072-FOI-2014 IT Services  03.07.2014  Do the computers based on-campus (such as ones in teh library and various computer rooms), block access to any websites?  072-FOI-2014 (PDF 8K, Downloads file)
073-FOI-2014 IT Services  24.06.2014  I am writing to request information relating to your organisations use of Telephone Conference Call services and use of online Web Meeting tools...

 073-FOI-2014 (PDF 11K, Downloads file)

073-FOI-2014 Servlet Survey (PDF 64K, Downloads file)

074-FOI-2014 International  24.06.2014  Is Hands On Education Consultants Company Limited working with you an agent or representative of your organisation?  074-FOI-2014 (PDF 11K, Downloads file)
075-FOI-2014 Human Resources  24.06.2014  The name of the most senior HR contact (e.g. Director of HRm Director of Workforce etc.) and also the most senior IT contact (e.g. IT Director, Chief Information officer etc.)  075-FOI-2014 (PDF 9K, Downloads file)
076-FOI-2014 Health and Safety  11.07.2014  I hope to receive information on all illness and injuries you have on record for the past year, sustained by students and stadd in the science faculty...

 076-FOI-2014 (PDF 15K, Downloads file)

076-FOI-2014 Health and Safety Policy (PDF 122K, Downloads file)

077-FOI-2014 Estates and Facilities    I would like to request logged, University held data on crime and incidents on Walsall Campus for a 12 month period  
078-FOI-2014 Faculty of Science and Engineering  11.07.2014  Since 2010, how much money has your university's Faculty of Science and its departments, or ay of its academic staff, received from the following organisations or its representatives:...  078-FOI-2014 (PDF 16K, Downloads file)
079-FOI-2014 Offices of the Vice-Chancellor  15.07.2014 I seek a copy of your register of gifts and hospitality. Specifically I would like to obtain a complete record of all the gifts and hospitality offered to, or accepted by, you employees.  079-FOI-2014 (PDF 30K, Downloads file)
080-FOI-2014  Human Resources  16.07.2014  The number of individuals employed by the university who received total remuneration* of £140,000 pa or more...  080-FOI-2014 (PDF 18K, Downloads file)
081-FOI-2014  Human Resources  Withdrawn  Please could you provide details of senior academics pay and their pay rises over the last two years.  
082-FOI-2014  Office of the Dean of Students  15.07.2014  Has your institution hosted any of the individuals or organisations from the two 'proscribed terror groups' listed below in the past 5 years?  082-FOI-2014 (PDF 12K, Downloads file)
083-FOI-2014  Offices of the Vice-Chancellor  11.07.2014  Could you please tell me the name, job title, phone number and email address of the person who holds the role of 'Senior Information Risk Owner (SIRO)' within your organisation?  083-FOI-2014 (PDF 11K, Downloads file)
084-FOI-2014  IT Services  21.07.2014  Current Fixed Line (Voice Circuits) Provider - Supplier's name, if there is not information available please can you provide further insight into why?  084-FOI-2014 (PDF 29K, Downloads file)
085-FOI-2014  IT Services  Withdrawn  Software as a Service (SaaS) is a software distribution model in which applications are hosted by a vendor or service provider and made available to customers over a network, typically the Internet.  
086-FOI-2014  Finance  18.09.2014  I would like to know how much your university has spent over each of the last three years on staff benefits over and above their standard salaries.  086-FOI-2014 (PDF 22K, Downloads file)
087-FOI-2014  IT Services  29.07.2014  I would to request the following breakdown of the hardware maintenance and costs:...  087-FOI-2014 (PDF 20K, Downloads file)
088-FOI-2014  Dean of Research  31.07.2014  I am interested in any student and staff interactions with infectious diseases and primarily with strains of campylobacter in the course of studies / research.  088-FOI-2014 (PDF 15K, Downloads file)
089-FOI-2014  Offices of the Vice-Chancellor  01.08.2014  How many members of staff have left the employ of your sponsored school(s) on compromise (or 'settlement') agreements since the establishment of your organisation's first academy-status school...  089-FOI-2014 (PDF 11K, Downloads file)
090-FOI-2014 Human Resources & IT Services  01.08.2014  How many employees does your organisation currently have?  090-FOI-2014 (PDF 16K, Downloads file)
091-FOI-2014 Estates and Facilities  16.07.2014  An up to date list of subcontractors, suppliers and consultants & telephone numbers involved in the development of a three and four storey building for education use...  091-FOI-2014 (PDF 8K, Downloads file)
092-FOI-2014 Human Resources & IT Services  01.08.2014  How many employees does your organization currently have? How many students do you currently have enrolled at your University?  
093-FOI-2014 Estates and Facilities  18.08.2014  What monitoring and reporting do you have in place to check whether your main contractors are paying their sub-contractors within 30 days?  093-FOI-2014 (PDF 16K, Downloads file)
094-FOI-2014 Finance  01.08.2014  What insurance contracts does the University have and what do they cover?  094-FOI-2014 (PDF 19K, Downloads file)
095-FOI-2014 Student Planning  05.08.2014  I am currently in the process of appealing against my final grade being reduced from a 1st class honours degree to a 2:1...  095-FOI-2014 (PDF 16K, Downloads file)
097-FOI-2014  Office of the Dean of Students  12.08.2014 Please provide me with figures for the number of complainrs the university has received about academic staff/student relationships in the previous 5 academic years...  097-FOI-2014 (PDF 13K, Downloads file)
098-FOI-2014  Student Planning  12.08.2014  Were students with NCSC qualifications accepted by your institution between 1992 and 2010?  098-FOI-2014 (PDF 15K, Downloads file)
099-FOI-2014  Office of the Dean of Students  13.08.2014  The number of undergraduates who were registered at your institution.  099-FOI-2014 (PDF 11K, Downloads file)
100-FOI-2014  Finance  13.08.2014  The name of the most senior financially focused employee at the organisation (e.g. Director of Finance, Chief Financial Officer, Treasurer, etc.) and his/her Deputy.  100-FOI-2014 (PDF 11K, Downloads file)
101-FOI-2014  IT Services  04.09.2014  How many separate buildings do the IT Data and Voice equipment serve...  101-FOI-2014 (PDF 19K, Downloads file)
102-FOI-2014  Faculty of Science & Engineering  11.08.2014  How many animals, and of which species, have been used in scientific procedures at the university in each of the last two years.  102-FOI-2014 (PDF 8K, Downloads file)
103-FOI-2014  Dean of Research  05.09.2014  Please confirm if your institution has signed the 2012 Concordat as is following the commitments outlined in the Concordat.  103-FOI-2014 (PDF 19K, Downloads file)
104-FOI-2014  Office of the Dean of Students  25.09.2014  I would like to know the number of students who have faced disciplinary action for each of the past five academic years (2009/10 - 2013/14).

 104-FOI-2014 (PDF 11K, Downloads file)

104-FOI-2014 Student Disciplinary Cases 2009-2013 (PDF 473K, Downloads file)

105-FOI-2014  Student Planning  15.08.2014  We would like to be provided with a complete list of all the new undergraduate course modules that are being taught for the first time in the upcoming academic year (2014/2015)

 105-FOI-2014 (PDF 12K, Downloads file)

105-FOI-2014 2014-15 New UG Modules

106-FOI-2014  IT Services  04.09.2014  How many physical servers does the organisation manage?  106-FOI-2014 (PDF 28K, Downloads file)
107-FOI-2014  Finance  15.09.2014  Please publish the total amount paid to the publishers: Oxford University Press; Wiley; Springer  107-FOI-2014 (PDF 11K, Downloads file)
108-FOI-2014  Human Resources  24.09.2014  Session 213/14: % of new academic staff with a Doctoral qualificatgion (or time-limited commitment to complete a Doctoral qualification)  108-FOI-2014 (PDF 8K, Downloads file)
109-FOI-2014  Human Resources  18.09.2014  % of staff completing formal PDP or CPD (as undertaken and recorded by HR) in 2012/13.  109-FOI-2014 (PDF 9K, Downloads file)
110-FOI-2014  Student Planning 15.09.2014  How many students does the University of Wolverhampton have enrolled to start on the following courses this coming year: BNurs (Hons) Adult Nursing  110-FOI-2010 (PDF 12K, Downloads file)
111-FOI-2014 Estates and Facilities 01.10.2014 Green League Survey Submission  111-FOI-2014 (PDF 26K, Downloads file)
112-FOI-2014 Student Planning 24.09.2014 Could you please advise me as to whether you have certain quotas for foreign students please?  112-FOI-2014 (PDF 8K, Downloads file)
113-FOI-2014  Human Resources  30.09.2014  Could you please provide details of any payments that your institution has agreed to pay its vice-chancellor upon their retirement.  113-FOI-2014 (PDF 8K, Downloads file)
114-FOI-2014  Marketing and Communications  15.09.2014  Email addresses of contact person(s) responsbible for promotion / marketing / advertising of your institution  114-FOI-2014 (PDF 10K, Downloads file)
115-FOI-2014  Finance  15.09.2014  Please publish the total amount paid to the publishers: Taylor & Francis; Sage; Cambridge University Press  115-FOI-2014 (PDF 11K, Downloads file)
116-FOI-2014  Offices of the Vice-Chancellor  08.10.2014  The papers, minutes and agenda for all remuneration committee meetings from 1996 until the present

 116-FOI-2014 (PDF 16K, Downloads file)

116-FOI-2014 1996-2010 Audit Committee Agenda & Notes (PDF 2,529K, Downloads file)

117-FOI-2014  Finance  10.10.2014  I am writing to obtain information about the amount your organisation pays to the Confederation of British Industry and its subsidiaries.  117-FOI-2014 (PDF 14K, Downloads file)
118-FOI-2014  Human Resources  08.10.2014  The number of your employees who received renumeration of more than £100,000 in 2013-14  118-FOI-2014 (PDF 18K, Downloads file)
119-FOI-2014  IT Services  18.09.2014  Since 1 January 2013, has any software company exercised their contractual rights to, or otherwise requested, an audit of the use of their software in your organisation?  119-FOI-2014 (PDF 17K, Downloads file)
120-FOI-2014  Estates and Facilities  08.10.2014  The estimated total annual spend on electrical items for estates and facilities. E.g. lamps, HVAC, cable, batteries etc.  120-FOI-2014 (PDF 11K, Downloads file)
121-FOI-2014 Office of the Dean of Students  17.10.2014  Could you please send information relating to on-campus deaths of students for each year from 1999 to the present including...  121-FOI-2014 (PDF 13K, Downloads file)
122-FOI-2014  Student Planning  17.10.2014  For each of the LLB subjects taught at the University the dates of examinationstaking place between March 1st and June 30th 2015  122-FOI-2014 (PDF 28K, Downloads file)
123  Finance  27.10.2014  How much (in pound sterling) did the vice-chancellor receive in personal expenses in the year ending 31 July 2014…  123-FOI-2014 (PDF 21K, Downloads file)
124  IT Services  10.10.2014  

Which IT disposal company does the organisation currently use to dispose of redundant IT equipment…

 124-FOI-2014 (PDF 24K, Downloads file)
125  Faculty of Education Health & Wellbeing  20.10.2014  How many nursing students qualified in 2014 for the following branches: a) adult nursing b) mental health nursing and c) children’s nursing?

 125-FOI-2014 (PDF 17K, Downloads file)

125-FOI-2014 Question 4 (PDF 4,678K, Downloads file)

126  Finance  27.10.2014  Please publish the total amount paid to Elsevier for academic journals in each of the last five years (2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014).  126-FOI-2014 (PDF 8K, Downloads file)
127  Registry  03.10.2014  Please can you could you state whether, since being granted a Tier 4 sponsor license, you have been visited by UK Visas & Immigration?  127-FOI-2014 (PDF 8K, Downloads file)
128  Marketing & Communications  07.10.2014  A copy of your most recently printed Annual Report  128-FOI-2014 (PDF 11K, Downloads file)
129  Faculty of Education Health & Wellbeing  30.10.2014  Three of the Community Health Staff are listed as having Masters Degrees in Education. Please state the institutions where these degrees were formally conferred, and when.

 129-FOI-2014 (PDF 31K, Downloads file)

129-FOI-2014 Question 13 (PDF 100K, Downloads file)

129-FOI-2014 Question 14 (PDF 148K, Downloads file)

130  Office of the Dean of Students  07.10.2014  Please provide the number of complaints and Academic Appeals you receive Informally and Formally…  130-FOI-2014 (PDF 26K, Downloads file)
131  Office of the Dean of Students  04.11.2014  The number of students that have had at least one counselling session (11/12, 12/13 and 13/14)  131-FOI-2014 (PDF 17K, Downloads file)
132  Faculty of Education Health & Wellbeing 20.10.2104   

Midwifery Students & Course 2013/14 details

 132-FOI-2014 (PDF 11K, Downloads file)

132-FOI-2014 Midwifery students and course 2013/14

133  Finance  17.10.2014  Name of financial accounting software system in use at the university  133-FOI-2014 (PDF 9K, Downloads file)
134  IT Services  24.10.2014  A breakdown of data from your internet network used by students and staff, whether in halls, on campus or elsewhere, for the last academic year 2013-14.  134-FOI-2014 (PDF 12K, Downloads file)
135  Student Planning  22.10.2014  A complete breakdown of the number of men and women enrolled in computing and computing related courses at the university over the last five years.  135-FOI-2014 (PDF 17K, Downloads file)
136  Estates & Facilities  05.11.2014  A full list of all the sub-contractors with contact details that are or have been involved on the construction of the University of Wolverhampton Science MB Building

 136-FOI-2014 (PDF 12K, Downloads file)

136-FOI-2014 Subcontractor summary (PDF 24K, Downloads file)

137  Office of the Dean of Students  10.11.2014  University Constitution - any ordinances, articles of association or articles of governance  137-FOI-2014 (PDF 18K, Downloads file)
138  Finance  09.12.2014  Copies of all expense claims submitted by the vice-chancellor and any pro-vice chancellors of the university 2011/12, 2012/13, 2013/14  138-FOI-2014 (PDF 25K, Downloads file)
139  Human Resources  19.11.2014  Please provide the number of staff (headcount) employed by the institution on a) 01/10/2013 and b) 01/10/2014…

 139-FOI-2014 (PDF 11K, Downloads file)

139-FOI-2014 UoW Return

140  Human Resources  27.11.2014  The number of compromise agreements made with former or current staff, students, donors, or any other people from the start of 2008-2014… 140-FOI-2014 (PDF 28K, Downloads file) 
141  International  24.11.2014  How many non-EU students were enrolled at your institution using international student recruitment agents during the following years 2011/12, 2012/13, 2013/14…  141-FOI-2014 (PDF 11K, Downloads file)
142  International  04.11.2014  International student recruitment agents  142-FOI-2014 (PDF 14K, Downloads file)
143  Student Planning  28.11.2014  Numbers of students with a breakdown by gender, age, ethnicity, local etc…

 143-FOI-2014 (PDF 14K, Downloads file)

143-FOI-2014 Q1 and Q2 data

144 Estates & Facilities 07.11.2014 The contract for the refurbishment to Little Scholars Nursery…  144-FOI-2014 (PDF 11K, Downloads file)
145  IT Services  27.11.2014  I would like to request information concerning any IT server, storage and maintenance support contracts…

 145-FOI-2014 (PDF 18K, Downloads file)

145-FOI-2014 IT contracts (PDF 56K, Downloads file)

146  Finance  11.11.2014  Is your institution a member of the Confederation of British Industry?  146-FOI-2014 (PDF 12K, Downloads file)
147  Office of the Dean of Students  08.12.2014  Documents that set out the overarching rights and responsibilities of students at your institution…  147-FOI-2014 (PDF 19K, Downloads file)
148  IT Services  02.12.2014  Are any of your IT operations outsourced to a third party? If so, please list the following details for each such outsourcing agreement:…  148-FOI-2014 (PDF 17K, Downloads file)
149  Human Resources  12.12.2014  A copy of the job description for UW4 Caretaker supervisors and also the amount a 9-5 supervisor gets in shift allowance…

 149-FOI-2014 (PDF 29K, Downloads file)

149-FOI-2014 caretaking supervisor JD (PDF 48K, Downloads file)

150  Student Planning  19.01.2015  For each of the subjects taught on LLB programmes provided by the University: (a) the average mark awarded to students in 2012, 2013 and 2014…  150-FOI-2014 (PDF 25K, Downloads file)
151  Office of the Dean of Students  19.12.2014  Breakdown of total no. of research misconduct allegations made against staff over the past 3 academic years…

 151-FOI-2014 (PDF 13K, Downloads file)

152  Human Resources  22.12.2014  For each year listed below (Or year to date for 2014):  The average number of employees within your organisation…

 152-FOI-2014 (PDF 14K, Downloads file)

152-FOI-2014 sickness statistics 2009-2014

153  Offices of the Vice Chancellor  11.12.2014  If there have been any incidents of gender segregation at your university, kindly provide information on a. the number of incidents of gender segregation…  153-FOI-2014 (PDF 18K, Downloads file)
154  Student Planning  12.01.2015  A list of all graduates with a PHD from all departments, who graduated in 2013.  154-FOI-2014 (PDF 8K, Downloads file)
155  Accommodation Services  11.12.2014  Total number of students who have approached the accommodation services office requiring accommodation for 2014/15  155-FOI-2014 (PDF 32K, Downloads file)
156  Dean of Research  09.12.2014  Please provide the number of instance of research misconduct before the signing of the 2012 Concordat to Support Research Integrity (3 years before)…


157-FOI-2014 midwifery student data (PDF 66K, Downloads file)

157  Student Planning  13.01.2015 The number of midwifery students newly enrolled at the university for the academic years…


157-FOI-2014 (PDF 16K, Downloads file)

157-FOI-2014 midwifery student data (PDF 66K, Downloads file)

158  Human Resources  20.12.2014  The number of academics currently employed, broken down by gender, position (e.g. professor, lecturer)…

 158-FOI-2014 (PDF 21K, Downloads file)

158-FOI-2014 academic staff numbers

159 Student Planning 19.12.2014 International student applications...summer courses...

 159-FOI-2014 (PDF 22K, Downloads file)

159-FOI-2014 UoW Return


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