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Dr Hana Morrissey

Dr Hana Morrissey - Academic Board Nominee Term of office: First

Dr Hana Morrissey is a Reader in Clinical Pharmacy. A clinical pharmacist registered in Australia, Hana is accredited as a Consultant Pharmacist and a Fellow of the Australian College of Pharmacy Practice.

Hana completed her PhD at Charles Darwin University (CDU), Australia. She is an accredited instructor in Mental Health First Aid in Australia and the UK. After 25 years as a Pharmacist in the Australian Regular Army, including deployment on United Nations Peacekeeping operations, Hana moved to the Australian Reserve. She has extensive military and civilian management experience, including two years as the chief pharmacist in Justice Health NSW (the Australian Jail health system) where she introduced a number of important service innovations.

Hana has been involved in the delivery of adult education for over 20 years; with extensive experience in designing and planning learning activities. At CDU between 2014 and 2016, Hana achieved internal re-accreditation of the Bachelor of Pharmacy documentation; designing and accrediting two new postgraduate courses. Hana was involved in professional development for practising pharmacists, including major innovations such as the introduction of immunisation by pharmacists in Australia.

Hana has active research collaborations in Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Norway, USA, Australia, Sweden, Netherlands, Denmark and Eire. She has been involved in senior level university committees in three universities in two countries.