Race Equality Charter

The University of Wolverhampton is working to secure a Race Equality Charter Bronze Award by August 2019. 

As outlined in the Strategic Plan 2016 - 2021 we are committed to helping our staff and students maximize their individual potential. Part of that of work is ensuring that nobody’s ethnicity negatively affects their University experience.

Colleagues from across the University have been working closely with the BAME Staff Network and the Students’ Union to address the challenges that ethnic minority staff and students face. We believe that applying for the Race Equality Charter is a unique opportunity to further build on this work.  

As a first-time entrant, applying for the Race Equality Charter should primarily be considered an exercise in self-reflection. A successful application to the REC will involve understanding the impact of ethnicity on our staff and student experience, and then using this knowledge to agree an Action Plan to address the problems identified. This Action Plan will then be implemented in the years following our application.

There are several ways that staff and students can get involved in developing our Race Equality Charter application. 

Apply to join the Self-Assessment Team

We currently have new vacancies for staff volunteers to join the University’s Race Equality Charter Self-Assessment Team. This is the group that will lead on the development of our application.

Everyone within the University is welcome to apply to be part of the Self-Assessment Team. You do not need to be an academic or a manager to participate, as we are looking to recruit a cross-section of University staff to help develop the application. But in particular we are looking for the following representatives:

  • A representative of the Faculty of Arts 
  • A representative of the Faculty of Health, Education and Wellbeing  
  • Representatives who self-define as Black British, African or African-Caribbean  

Becoming a member of the Self-Assessment Team is a unique opportunity to work with senior managers to develop the future direction of the University. It is an opportunity to have a positive impact on the lives of our staff and students. All new Self-Assessment Team members will receive training from the Equality Challenge Unit, and the Equality and Diversity Unit will consider any requests for additional training, should it be required.

If you are interested in applying please email Will Cooling, Head of Equality and Diversity, with a brief expression of interest that outlines your role within the University and why you wish to be a member of the Race Equality Charter Self-Assessment Team. All expressions of interest must be submitted to w.cooling@wlv.ac.uk by 10am on Tuesday 2nd July 2018. You will be informed if you have been selected to be a member by 10am on Wednesday 3rd July 2018. The forthcoming meetings for the Race Equality Charter SAT are as follows (you can send apologies if you cannot attend some of the meetings, especially those over the summer)

  • 5th July 2018
  • 14th August 2018
  • 27th September 2018
  • 8th November 2018
  • 13th December 2018
  • 29th January 2019

If you have questions please email w.cooling@wlv.ac.uk or phone him on 01902 32 1146, or check our answers to the Frequently Asked Questions about the Race Equality Charter. 

Further Information

For further information please contact Will Cooling, Head of Equality and Diversity, on w.cooling@wlv.ac.uk or 01902 32 1146, or view our answers to Frequently Asked Questions about the Race Equality Charter.