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What is Combined Heat and Power?

Combined Heat and Power (CHP) is the simultaneous generation of usable heat and power in a single process  that utilises the heat produced in electricity generation rather than releasing it into the  atmosphere which is wasteful.

CHP can make for significant savings due to the amount of energy source that will no longer be needed because a renewable source is already being used. Aside from being economical, CHP is also very efficient to use. Given an effective process, CHP can generate energy in great amounts, which can even be sufficient to supply what is actually needed.

At the Performance Hub in Walsall, the Combined Heat and Power Unit is designed to meet the night time electrical base load of the site. It improves overall energy efficiency and improves the University’s environmental credentials

Cost: £172,000

Payback (in energy savings) 5 years   Carbon saving 178 tCO2