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Welcome to the University’s Annual Sustainability and Environment Report.

During the past year the University has begun to implement a new Strategic Plan and its supporting strategies, one of which is the Sustainability Enabling Strategy (SES). The development and implementation of the SES in 2012, supported the creation of a new SES monitoring group. This was representative of the wider university community and an ambitious five year action plan was produced for the integration of the sustainability agenda within the governance, culture and processes of the University. This report highlights the achievements made along the sustainability path over the preceding 12 month period (January – December 2012). It also covers the reporting period to July 2013, so that in future years, Sustainability reporting is aligned with the annual reporting for University strategies.

The main sustainability initiatives include:

  • strong carbon management performance
  • engagement with students through partnership with the Students’ Union
  • the promotion of sustainability awareness through social media channels targeted at both staff and students

Download the full report (PDF 493Kb)

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