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Strategic Plan 2016-2021

The Strategic Plan and Consultation Process

The University of Wolverhampton has developed a new Strategic Plan for 2016 - 2021, following a period of significant consultation with staff and key strategic stakeholders. The Strategic Plan outlines the strategic direction of the organisation over the next 5 years.

The University approached the strategic planning process through an inclusive, open and transparent process which involved a number of face to face open staff consultations with the Vice Chancellor and staff across three campuses.

This was followed by consultations with key internal stakeholders, such as Governors, Academic Board, Unions and the Professoriate in addition to the open staff consultation meetings. For staff unable to attend the open meetings, they were able to watch a video of the Vice Chancellor on the plan, followed by an opportunity to comment via a dedicated email address for feedback to be submitted.  A draft plan was also sent to key external stakeholders, including local authorities to ensure alignment to their strategic direction.

Strategic Plan 2016-2021

Strategic Plan 2016 - 2021 one sider A4


Key Performance Indicators 2016-2021 

Following the approval of the Strategic Plan 2016-2021, a similar body of work was conducted to agree a set of eleven Key Performance Indicators which allows the University to measure our performance against the ambitious pillars and goals set within the plan.  

The model of KPIs that we are using allows us to modify, add and subtract metrics as the HE environment and the University changes over the coming years.  But it is envisaged that the KPIs will remain constant throughout the life of the strategic plan.


  1. Our Student Population - we have growth in the size and diversity of our student population
  2. Our Students’ Achievement - all our students progress and achieve at, or above, expected levels with all student demographic groups performing at a similar level 
  3. Our Students’ Satisfaction - we exceed the expectations of all our students
  4. Our Students’ Employability - our students gain graduate level employment with no differences between demographic groups
  5. Our Research - we have a strong, impactful research portfolio across the University
  6. Our Staff - we have a diverse, highly skilled and motivated staff team
  7. Our Culture - our University provides an entrepreneurial and empowered environment for staff based on respect, tolerance and clarity of expectation
  8. Our Business Engagement - industry is embedded within our business and course provision
  9. Our Financial Health - we are financially sustainable and able to invest
  10. Our ‘Campus’ - we have a high quality, functional ‘campus’ (physical and digital) enhancing the student, staff and visitors experience, and providing a place that all want to visit and stay
  11. Our Wider Impact - we are seen by partners, funding bodies, and the communities we serve as effective and successful in improving the regions we operate within.



Learning and Teaching Sub-Strategy

The Wolverhampton offer 2016-2021

Enterprise and Employability Strategy 2017-2020 


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