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Vital Statistics


Student numbers
Data source HESA return and SITS, November 2011

Academic School No. %Number%
School of Art & Design 1,3675.9
University of Wolverhampton Business School22709.8
School of Applied Sciences20438.8
School of Technology385916.6
School of Education386716.7
School of Sport, Performing Arts and Leisure19468.4
School of Health and Wellbeing445519.2
School of Law, Social Sciences and Communications332414.3


Level of study Full-time Part-time CombinedFullTimePartTimeCombined 
Postgraduate taught180422264030
Postgraduate research123174297


Ethnicity Number%
Asian Bangladeshi2841.2
Asian Chinese6742.9
Asian Indian262611.3
Asian other8033.5
Asian Pakistani13545.8
Black African12955.6
Black Caribbean10064.3
Black other1770.8
White & Asian1320.6
White & Black African530.2
White & Black Caribbean3671.6
Mixed other1360.6
Not known9844.2


Gender Number%
Male 982042.3


Staff numbers - Data source University of Wolverhampton staffing reports, November 2011

Staff group Number%
Admin, Professional 113348.46
Academic 81234.73
Manual 39316.81
Total 2338100


Working patterns Number%
Full-time 166771.3
Total 2338100


Gender No. %Number%
Female 1,37458.77
Male 96441.23
Total 2338100


Ethnicity Number%
White - British188880.75
Asian or Asian British - Indian 1807.7
Black or Black British - Caribbean 642.74
Other White background602.57
Black or Black British - African 230.98
White - Irish 190.81
Other Asian background 170.73
Chinese 160.81
Asian or Asian British - Bangladeshi 120.51
Asian or Asian British - Pakistani 110.47
Mixed - White and Black Caribbean110.47
Other Black background 100.43
Other Ethnic background100.43
Other Mixed background60.26
Mixed - White and Black African 50.21
Mixed - White and Asian30.13
Not known30.13
Total 2338100


Financial summary 2010/11

Income £’000 %
Funding Council Grants 63,99639
Academic Fees and Support Grants 61,55738
Other operating income34,99721
Research Grants and other contracts 2,7092
Endowment income and interest receivable* 4750
Total 163,734100


How the income was used£’000 %
Staff costs 8722258
Other operating expenses 5344535
Depreciation 80325
Interest payable 3,0732
Total 151,772100


Income for applied research and development


Applied research and development forms part of other operating income. For our full financial statement for the year ended 31 July 2011, visit: