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Annual Report 2007

Make the connection

It’s our business to generate ideas, and we’re always willing to share new thinking with a wider audience. The people and organisations who have benefited from our insight do not simply regard us as a university with its main campus in Wolverhampton; they see a university which belongs to the region.


The University has an important role to play in advancing economic regeneration and educational practice across the region. Our activities throughout 2007 have continued to support new and established partnerships with education and industry.


It was clear evidence of this activity which prompted Boris Johnson, when he visited the University in 2007, to remark: “I have never seen a university so deeply embedded in its region and I was really impressed with its engagement with schools and colleges, and businesses.”


“As well as being an institute of educational excellence, it is an important economic hub. The University is leading the way with many initiatives and it was great to see how much spontaneous effort is being made to encourage children to come to university in the future; as well as the support that is being given to set up new companies.”