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Annual Report 2007

Focus on learning

As an institution we encourage independent thinking and fresh perspectives. So when our experts challenge the accepted wisdom, if they support their ideas with rigorous reasoning and research, we’re ready to listen. Nowhere is this more apparent than in our approach to teaching and learning.

Fellow thinkers

Dr Christine Hockings became the sixth member of the University’s academic staff to receive a National Teaching Fellowship. In July 2007, the prestigious award from the Higher Education Academy, for Rewarding Excellence, acknowledged her innovative teaching and research.


Dr Hockings is a Principal Lecturer and Learning and Teaching Research Co-ordinator at the University. Her work, which has made a considerable contribution to the understanding and development of effective learning environments and teaching strategies, has delivered valuable insight for our learning and teaching community. Recipients of the award also gain valuable access to a whole network of National Teaching Fellows, with the prospect of future collaborations.

Taking study into cyberspace

Wolverhampton has one of the largest single area wireless networks in higher education. Our staff and students can log on to the Internet from many areas in the University, and there are no charges for Internet use when they do. It’s the perfect platform from which to access our pioneering Virtual Learning Environment, WOLF. 89.3% of our total students were active users of WOLF (Wolverhampton Online Learning Framework), using it to access a range of learning material during 2007.


Developed by the University, WOLF provides a range of tools and facilities to support learning in almost every subject area. Tutors can use it to deliver enhanced learning material in support of classroom-based teaching and tutorial contact, and engage students actively in the learning process, making the University a leader in online learning.


In 2007, 16,461 staff and students used our electronic portfolio system, PebblePad© to build a diverse collection of items related to their studies, personal development or continuing professional development, and to share their ideas with other individuals or groups, including a public audience through the creation of a URL address. Developed by Pebble Learning and the University of Wolverhampton, PebblePad© is a versatile tool used by staff and students to support both formal and informal learning.