Spiritual Health Questionnaire

Follow this questionnaire to gain an approximate guide to your spiritual health.

A. Do you ever pause to look at the world around you? For example, do you look at the sky, the horizon, nature?

  • Hardly ever (one point)
  • Occasionally (two points)
  • Often (three points)

B. Do you ever take time to take stock, and reflect on recent events in your daily           life?

  • Only in a crisis (one point)
  • From time to time (two points)
  • Most days (three points)

C. Do you remember and take stock of the things you have to be thankful for?

  • Rarely (one point)
  • Sometimes (two points)
  • Regularly (three points)

D. Do you consider what opportunities are open to you to contribute to the greater good? For example, do you volunteer to help people, or simply                   remember to smile at people you deal with on a daily basis?

  • Very Occasionally (one point)
  • Now and again (two points)
  • Frequently (three points)

E. Do you ever evaluate what your impact is on the world around you, and on the environment as a whole?

  • Never (one point)
  • Occasionally (two points)
  • On an on-going basis (three points)

Your Score

Add up the numbers that you scored.

If you scored 5-7 points:

You are spiritually unaware and should consider what will help you to start paying attention to your spirituality.

If you scored 8-13 points:

You have some spiritual awareness, but would benefit from considering how to develop your spirituality further.

If you scored 14-15 points

You are a very spiritual person, and are in a good position to enjoy life to the full.