The University of Wolverhampton

Self Declaration Form

Self Declaration Form

The self-declaration form allows self-reflection of a student’s disability, providing us with:

  • Details of how an applicants condition affects them,
  • Information about previous support or adjustments that have been made within a similar learning environment,
  • Establish where barriers may affect a students access to learning within departments such as Library Services, access to buildings, Residential services
  • Determine from responses whether Personal Emergency Evacuation Plans are required,
  • The form also allows students to provide the Student Enabling Centre with consent to their support information confidentially within the institution as well as nominate a designated person who can be contacted in cases of emergency.

It is important to be aware that the University respects the wishes of students who choose not to disclose that they have a condition, however this can limit the amount of support we are able to provide.

Please feel free to download our SDF form (Word doc 959k) for completion.