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On the day activities

On the Wednesday 18th February City campus from 12pm-3pm and 24th February Walsall campus from 12pm- 3pm, there will be various activities that available during the event:

  • Knit and knatter
  • Tea and talk - raising money for Mental health foundation
  • Pledge board
  • Couselling - mindfulness and relaxation session
  • Paint therapy - stamping out negative thoughts
  • Diagnosis area
  • NHS health checks
  • Mind apples tree
  • Confidence space
  • Pledge board
  • Representatives for mental health students
  • Representative  from the chaplaincy

There will also be stands on the day the SEC (Student Enabling Centre) will have the following stands:

  • Brain in hand - what is it? and how it will help?
  • Apps that are available
  • If you want to disclose information - what do i need to do?  
  • Healthy eating nutrition  information

There are also external organisation that will participating,  they will be there to offer advice and a lot of freebies.