Enabling Technologies

Enabling technology can be defined as assistive tools that attain much greater degree usability and of universal design.

The institutional aim is to ensure that all students receive a valuable and unrestricted learning experience, By looking at new and existing technologies, we can aim to provide a seamless service to students regardless of their specific situation.

AccessApps USB Drives

Following the initiative started by JISC, the University has created bespoke USB drives with a suite of specific assistive software. Students can use these on any university machine without restriction of functionality, more information can be found on WOLF (Wolverhampton Online Learning Framework) or from Techdis.

The AccessApps USB drives can help students with their studies, providing support in the following areas:

Base - This is a database alternative to Microsoft Access

Calc - This is an alternative to Microsoft Excel

Draw - This is an alternative to Microsoft Publisher

Impress - This is an alternative to Microsoft power point

Math - This function helps complete mathematical formulae

Writer - This is an alternative to Microsoft Word

Sunbird - This is a calendar

Hott Notes - These are sticky notes that are used for noting down quick notes and can be displayed on your desktop

Xmind Mapping - This is a mapping software that will help you plan organise and write up your ideas, suggestions  

AMIS - Daisy Book reader

DSpeech - Text to speech software

Express Scribe - Transcription service

NVidia Screen Reader - Screen reading software

Power Reader - Screen Reading Software

Rapid Set - Change font or Background to view better

The Sage - Dictionary and Thesaurus

Type Faster - Typing tutor software

EnorMouse – Mouse enlarger

Quick Res - Resolution changer

Sonar – Changes mouse icon

Spr OT - Visual Spread-sheet aid

Magnifying Glass - Magnifying glass

Vu-bar – Focus reading bar

Click-n-type - Virtual Keyboard

Dasher - Text entry systems

Mouse tool – Automated clicking 

BBC tools - Internet Tools

Foxit Reader - online PDF Reader

Mozilla - Internet Browser

Ybook – EBook reader

Artwevear - Art Packages

Audacity - Audio manipulation tool

Audiobook cutter - Audio manipulation tool

GIMP - Image manipulation tool

Unfreeze – Animated GIF creator

VLC media - High Quality Audio player

XN Viewer – imager Viewer

Cam Studios - Desktop Recorder

Scribus – Desktop Publishing

Wink – Screen Capturing Software  

External Links

For those interested in more information about enabling technology here are some external links: