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Outstanding at sport? You could receive a Scholarship worth up to £4,500.


University of Wolverhampton Sport (UoW Sport) Scholarship Scheme intends to be intrinsically linked to its Priority Sports and National Governing Bodies (NGBs) / partners. Sports are required to be recognised within the Sport England framework.

UoW Sport offers 30 Individual Scholarships and an annual Team Scholarship. The impact of the scheme is designed to contribute to increased student recruitment, enhanced student experience, improved student employability, and improved BUCS rankings. 


Individual Scholarships

There are three classes:

Class 1 supports Senior International athletes. Scholars can receive support up to a value of £4,500 over three years.

Class 2 supports Junior International and Senior National standard athletes. Scholars can receive support up to a value of £3,000 over three years.

Class 3 supports Junior National standard and county athletes. Scholars can receive support up to a value of £1,500 over three years.


Applications are accepted at the University offer stage (February), and again during clearing (September). They are received and processed online. Applicants are shortlisted and interviewed. The Scholarship Panel consists of representatives of UoW Sport and co-opted members.


Team Scholarship

The Scholarship Team is chosen annually, with the winning team able to re-apply in subsequent years. The Scholarship Team can receive support up to a value of £1,500 per team per year.

Applications are accepted before the end of Term 2. Selection is based on the presentation of a comprehensive Sports Development Plan modelled on Sports England’s ‘Grow, Sustain and Excel’ framework, and exemplary Team behaviours.


Expectations of Scholars

Scholars are expected to:

  • adhere to our WLV Sport Leadership Behaviours Model
  • represent WLV Sport in BUCS and student sports competitions
  • attend mentor meetings; the induction, the Sports Award Dinner; Sport Fairs and Open Days
  • involve themselves in coaching, and / or volunteering activities as required
  • maintain their academic grades


UoW Sports Scholarship Package includes:

Sports Medicine  

  • Athlete Screening and an Intervention Programme   
  • Cardiac Screening
  • Access to Physiotherapy

Sports Science  

  • Physiology
  • Nutrition
  • Psychology
  • Strength & Conditioning
  • Biomechanical Analysis
  • Video Analysis

Funding towards elite coaching, competitions, training costs and equipment

Annual Gym and Swim Membership


To apply for the Sport Achievement Scholarship please fill out the application form.


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