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Induction programmes

All new and returning students need to attend a course induction programme.  

Please click the corresponding link below to view the induction programme for your course. If your course induction information is not available yet, or you are arriving after your induction date, please contact your Faculty Student Services on (01902) 322525 or email us at

The majority of inductions will take place during Welcome Week.  Please note that some may take place earlier - check your individual programme to make sure.

Please see the When you arrive webpage for details of activities taking place in addition to your course induction


Undergraduate courses

International Foundation Year Induction Programme (PDF 520K, Downloads file)

  • Tel: +44 (0) 1902 322 525


Postgraduate courses

Pre-Masters Induction Programme (PDF 155K, Downloads file)

  • Pre-Masters in Arts and Design
  • Pre-Masters in Science
  • Pre-Masters in Business
  • Pre-Masters in Built Environment
  • Pre-Masters in Maths and Compute Science
  • Pre-Masters in Education
  • Pre-Masters in International Hospitality Management
  • Pre-Masters in Civil Protection and Leadership
  • Pre-Masters in Law
  • Pre-Masters in Engineering
  • Pre-Masters in Pharmaceutical Science
  • Pre-Masters in Health