The University of Wolverhampton

Undergraduate Student Guide

Using this guide

Some of this information will be more relevant as your studies progress, but reading it now will help you understand how the University works.

We need to point out though, that this guide does not include all the information you need to know about studying here; sometimes you will need to consult other sources of information like your course guides and the undergraduate regulations.

Sometimes the information will need to be updated, so you may want to consult the online version periodically, as well as systems such as e:Vision, making note of any changes and considering how they may affect your course.


“I was impressed with the standard of teaching, the way the subject was taught, and how approachable the lecturers were. Working and studying was tough at times but I had a lot of support from the University and made sure I planned ahead and organised my time well”

Gareth Hunt, Design Technology