How do I?

I’ve not received my funding yet, what do I do?

If you’ve received your notification letter and completed your enrolment, but have still not received any money, your funding should be released shortly so keep an eye on your bank account.

Make sure that you have completed all of the enrolment tasks as this may delay receipt of your funding.

If you have not received your notification letter

Have you checked your Student Finance Account on the website to make sure you’ve supplied all the evidence required?

We advise you to print off the Student Account Summary page, should you need to show the University proof of application.

Some common problems

  • Did you supply your National Insurance number?
  • Did you provide your passport, a certified copy of it or passport number? (If you do not have a passport contact Student Finance England for advice).
  • Did you send your evidence by Recorded Delivery? Have you checked the Track and Trace facility on the Royal Mail  to see if it has been delivered?
  • Was your evidence sent within the last couple of weeks? If so, your evidence may have been received but your student finance account may not have been updated to show this yet. Allow a couple of weeks before checking again.
  • Have you received, signed and returned your student declaration form? (This is sent to you when your assessment has been completed).

Telephone - 0300 100 0607. Opening hours - Monday to Friday, 8.00 am to 8.00 pm; Saturday and Sunday, 9.00 am to 5.30 pm. Minicom -0845 604 44 34 (you must have access to a minicom device in order to use this service). EU Student Finance Team: 0141 243 3570

If you need further advice:

Contact the Students’ Union Advice & Support Centre on

Alternatively, contact Funding Support on:

  • Tel: 01902 321070
  • Email:  
  • or drop in to the Student Centre at MX Building or Walsall Campus

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