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Researching Funding Opportunities

We can help you search


The Project Bidding Development team are committed to supporting colleagues in identifying and submitting applications to funders that fit their ideas.

 There are a number of ways we may be able to assist you in identifying appropriate funding:

  •  Through existing expertise in supporting the development of bids to a variety of funders
  • Interrogating funding databases which we subscribe to in order to identify appropriate funders for your project or research idea
  • Our easy to follow factsheets on key funders
  • Our web based resources and regular bulletins to update you on the latest funding opportunities and policy developments.

If you require assistance in searching for funding for your project or research, please contact us

Open calls

If you would like support with identifying open funding opportunities please contact Lou Taylor-Murison (Funding Information and Research officer) who will be able to assist with a funding search tailored to your research interests. Other funding opportunities call also be found via the Participant Portal


Further information about individual funders is available on factsheets that have been produced by the Project Support Office. To find out what factsheets are available please contact Lou Taylor-Murison

Business Plan in the Horizon 2020 proposals (PDF 227K, Downloads file)

Marie Sklodowska Research and Innovation Staff Exchange (RISE) (PDF 330K, Downloads file)

‌Marie Sklodowska Individual Fellowships Factsheet 2015 (PDF 335K, Downloads file)

‌Marie Sklodowska Innovative Training Networks Factsheet 2015 (PDF 345K, Downloads file)


Bidding in to H2022 (PDF 1,718K, Downloads file)

European Research Council ERC 2015 (PDF 706K, Downloads file)

MarieSkłodowska-Curie Actions 2015 (PDF 1,008K, Downloads file)

MSC Individual Fellowships 2015 (PDF 629K, Downloads file)


For more tips on proposal writing - contact Tatiana Panteli