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University of Wolverhampton Brussels Office


The University of Wolverhampton Brussels Office’s principle aim is to assist senior management and academic staff in the income generation, collaborative research and to improve their access to EU funding. 


The EU Commission has issued a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions (MSCA) Commission Factsheet on the Novelties of the 2018-2020 Work Programme, for further information please see the link here


ERRIN’S Brokerage Events Week – Great success!

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ERRIN organised a full week of brokerage events from 24th to 28th November. More than 700 research and innovation experts came to Brussels with the ambition to find partners and to develop project ideas for the upcoming calls under Horizon 2020 for 2015.

With a strong coverage of regions from across Europe and beyond, the brokerage week enabled experts to meet a wide range of partners and to build strong consortia to increase their chances of success in the next funding round of Horizon 2020.


ERC Presentations 2015

1.ERC Presentations 2015 (PDF 2,361K, Downloads file)

2.ERC Presentations 2015 (PDF 953K, Downloads file)

3.ERC Presentations 2015 (PDF 840K, Downloads file)

4.ERC Presentations 2015 (PDF 530K, Downloads file)

5.ERC Presentations 2015 (PDF 945K, Downloads file)

ERRIN’S Partner Searches Presentations

ERRIN Health Presentation Cremona (PDF 501K, Downloads file)

ERRIN Health Presentation Hungary (PDF 384K, Downloads file)

ERRIN Health Presentation Mikkeli University (PDF 312K, Downloads file)

ERRIN ICT Presentation Basilicata (PDF 1,301K, Downloads file)

ERRIN ICT Presentation Bratislava (PDF 785K, Downloads file)

ERRIN ICT Presentation Politecnico Milano (PDF 131K, Downloads file)


You can find more presentations on Partners searchers

Our Aims and Objectives

Our aim is to improve staff knowledge and skills in developing quality proposals to various funders and delivering successful projects.

We work for both the internal and external relations of the organisation, with a view to strengthen the University’s researchers’ participation in the EU and secure funding for its scientific and technological projects.

Our office is a member of ERRIN (European Regions Research and Innovation Network), a network of regional offices with a research capacity in Brussels. ERRIN provides partners’ search facilities, creates research thematic working groups and brokerage events in order to encourage the exchange of information, in particular those related to the Horizon 2020.

We also work with staff across the University to raise awareness of commercial income opportunities, facilitate collaboration and partnerships, support the development of quality funding proposals, assure delivery of complex projects and support staff to identify commercialisation opportunities.

What we do

Here are some of the ways we assist senior management and academic staff in the income generation, collaborative research and to improve their access to EU funding:

  •  Finding a path of opportunity through the EU institutions
  • Providing intelligence and advance warning of EU policy and funding developments specifically focusing on the funding programme for research and innovation, Horizon 2020.
  • Raising the profile of the University of Wolverhampton, its research base and individual academics with key policy makers and funders in the EU and organisations across the EU.
  • Creating links through networking, brokerage events and partner searches with other European regions, R&D liaison officers and National Contact Points in support of transnational project      development.
  • Facilitating training on the European funding, proposal development and bid writing.
  • Providing proposal development services to the academic staff at the University of Wolverhampton.
  • Delivering partner searches for the European funding proposals and approved projects.
  • Offering placement opportunities for the graduates, doctorate students and research staff.

Our Main Activities

Since July 2013 the Brussels Office has delivered many activities - click HERE to see the details