Dr Tom Mercer

Job Title Lecturer
Research Group Cognition in Context
Tel 01902 321368
Email t.mercer2@wlv.ac.uk
Room No MH010








Research Interests 

Sensory memory, attention, short-term and non-verbal memory, forgetting mechanisms, auditory perception and cognition.


After completing my Bachelor’s degree in psychology at the University of Leeds (2004-2007), I began studying for a PhD in cognitive psychology under the supervision of Dr Denis McKeown and Dr Richard Wilkie. My doctoral research investigated short-term memory and forgetting in nonverbal auditory memory and I defended my thesis in December 2010. I began working at the University of Wolverhampton in January 2011.

I teach widely on the psychology undergraduate degrees and lecture on various modules including Research Methods, Cognitive Psychology and Development of Personality and Individual Differences. I am a member of the Cognition and Individual Differences research group and continue to conduct experimental investigations into the area of memory and forgetting. I am particularly interested in understanding how short-term representations are encoded, maintained and lost.

Current Research Projects

Time and forgetting in short-term memory. On-going research is exploring how the passage of time affects the accuracy, strength and lifetime of short-term memory. The role of trace decay, temporal distinctiveness and retroactive interference are being tested using different methodologies. This work is primarily investigating nonverbal visual memory, partly in collaboration with colleagues at the University of Leeds.

Everyday forgetting. Following on from research conducted as part of the University of Wolverhampton’s Early Researcher Award Scheme (2012-13), this exploratory project aims to examine the factors underlying forgetting of everyday events. Of particular interest are techniques that reduce forgetting (e.g. the role of wakeful rest) and individual differences (e.g. mind wandering and daydreaming)


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Conferences and research presentations

Mercer, T. (2013). Preserving short-term memories over the passage of time. Paper to be presented at the University of Wolverhampton Psychology Research Conference, December 2013.

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