Corporate Governance and Ethics Cluster Staff

Cluster members

Professor Claire Hannibal
Supply chain management, sustainability, process improvement.

Professor Silke Machold
Board task performance, board leadership, consequences of board diversity, comparative governance.

Professor Mick Blowfield
Business transformation and sustainability, business and climate change, corporate responsibility in developing economies.

Dr Lee Crofts
Feminism and power differentials, identity, plagiarism.

Dr Stuart Farquhar
Behavioural aspects of boards, board effectiveness, governance in sports

Seng Kok
Risk and portfolio management, the development of Islamic finance,capital structuring, digital currency pricing and regulation, financial innovation and product design and development.

William Scarff
Ethics, corporate social responsibility,  aesthetics in the workplace,  leadership and  personal skills development.

Dr Paschal Anosike
Ethical leadership, governance and employee stakeholders

Dr Wen Wang
Comparative labour markets, pay and satisfaction with pay

Mark Price
Social and environmental reporting

Dr Ade Oriade
Tourism Management

Dr Roya Rahimi

Dr Meilan Yan

Honorary research fellows

Dr Chris Knight

Dr Pete Jones

Nigel Winter

Research students and their projects

Michael Ogunseyin
"The Antecedents of Board Processes"

Aderemi Ojebode
"Dynamic Capabilities of Boards of Directors"

Victor Tsemo
“An investigation into CSR as a source of corporate political power and its implications on corporate social performance in UK businesses”

Alan Walker
“The effects of personality trait diversity of UK company directors on board processes and task outcome performance”

Abinotam Adike
"Internal Marketing’s Role in Enhancing the Entrepreneurial Tendencies of Leaders: A Study of the Public Sector in Sub-Saharan Nigeria"

Baba Ali Ashemi
"An investigation of women's entrepreneurial capacity for the Millenium Development Goals (MDGs) in north-eastern Nigeria: The role of microfinance institutions"

Mohammed Alsehri
"An analytical approach towards Corporate Governance and Strategy: An investigative case study on Saudi Arabia"

Mudawose Tangawabaiwa
"Countries’ membership of trading blocs and the development of tourism: focus on Zimbabwean tourism and SADC"