Meet a student - Alan Walker

My name is Alan Walker and I am a PhD student and member of the Corporate Governance and Ethics Research Cluster in the University of Wolverhampton's Management Research Centre. My own research study is entitled 'The effects of personality trait diversity of UK company directors on board processes and task outcome performance'.  I am making encouraging progress, while balancing part time study for my PhD with the demands of my work as Chairman of a high-tech company and CEO of an emerging pharmaceutical business.

My research investigates the impact different personalities in the boardroom have on company outcomes, and I have established my own business consultancy company WalkerGlobal to facilitate my research. Through my company I offer other companies free analysis, using the interface with their businesses to inform my research, while ensuring participants retain their anonymity. The outcomes of the study could offer insights into the effects of diversity of personality in governance and have a beneficial effect for businesses in the future. Please visit my website for Walker Global Consultants for further information.

I have received invaluable and enthusiastic support from my supervisor, Dr Silke Machold, and am pleased to endorse the Management Research Centre which runs a number of internal School Research Conferences and relevant and informative Training Days for its research students.