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January 2012 Posts

1/27/2012 2:12:51 PM

New Library Catalogue Interface

LIS logo mediumSince the launch of our new Library Catalogue last year, we have been keeping a close eye on the feedback and working to make improvements to the service.

On Monday 6th February we will launch an improved search interface for the catalogue to help you find resources.

What has changed?

The new interface gives you three search fields - title, author and keyword. You can use any combination of these fields to search.

If you liked the single search box and you want to do a general subject search, just use the Keywords field.

If you know the title and author, using these fields will give you a much smaller number of results.

We have also put a bit more polish into the interface, and improved the mobile compatibility for those that prefer to use your smartphone to search.

Why did we change it?

Many of you sent us feedback to say that you were having trouble finding specific items in the catalogue. The single search box interface was great for general subject searches, but found too many results when you were looking for a specific item.

We spent a lot of time observing and understanding how staff and students were using the Library Catalogue, and designing a better interface for those requirements. We also got a group of students to evaluate some alternative interfaces, and the most popular interface was chosen.

Please continue to submit feedback to us using the feedback link in the catalogue. Constructive feedback is always welcome. Thank you to everyone who has already taken the time to give us feedback.