Academic English Language Development for PhD Students

As a research student you already have a good mastery of the English language.  However, writing transfer documents, funding bids and academic papers requires a high degree of accuracy and attention to style.  Our team of postgraduate tutors can help you polish your English and better achieve your goals.

In each School/Faculty we offer academic English language workshops for new students on taught postgraduate programmes, which you are welcome to join.  The workshops cover topics such as writing from sources, oral presentation skills, grammar/punctuation and academic style.  You can also book individual consultations to review your work in progress.

Note: we do NOT provide a full proof-reading service. We will look at sections of your work and advise on areas for further development.

You can also find a range of links and online resources at our WOLF topic Academic English Language Skills.

Postgraduate Tutors

Carol Bailey

Carol Bailey works with research students in the fields of Health, Psychology, Applied Sciences, Computing, Maths & Informatics.




Brian Davies

Brian Davies works with research students in the fields of Law, Social Sciences, Business, Education and Sport.





Cecilia Jones 2Cecilia Jones works with research students in fields related to the Built Environment and Advanced Technology Management.




Frank Lajko

Frank Lajko works with research students in fields such as Business, Marketing, Human Resource Management and Finance.




Sarah Girling

Sarah Girling works with research students in the Faculty of Arts.