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May 2011 Posts

5/3/2011 10:32:16 AM

Back from the depths

Wow, I finally surfaced after a packed month of this that and the other. 

THIS: Working on my assignments and exploring the world of Mass Media Propaganda, utilising Pebble Pad to the fullest.


THAT: My work in the Students’ Union, every day different, new and exciting.
THE OTHER: Lots of fun, play and other exciting activities.  Read on for more details.


The course is going really well. I’m able to find just the right balance between work and study. It’s definitely about staying focused and strict to your schedule. My tip is allocate a set day over the weekend dedicated solely for study, reduce your T.V. intake (as in I don’t watch any soaps, so I save my sanity and I save around four hours a week.) The time you save not watching T.V. you can use this for valuable reading time. So I’m looking forward to my next assignment and will have an enjoyable (seriously) time doing my research for my final project.

Work, work, work!

The JOB:

The job is also going fine. It’s been a busy month. So busy I’ve not had a chance to stop and blog. My time as the president has been full of lots of exciting and different things. I will definitely miss this when my term is over.  The good news is (to cut a long story short) I’ve just re run in the elections and I won by a comfortable amount. So I’ve got another year to really cement things in.  This is perfect cus now I can really concentrate on the new Walsall Union project and get on with an International Audit for the NUS.

N.U.S. National Conference has also just passed by and again this was a very enjoyable time that I shared with others from the Union and University, Colin, Naveed and Claire. There was supposed to be six of us but that’s another story. Myself and two others (or me and two of the others- yeah that’s how I’d speak it) got up on stage and spoke out on some student policy motions.  I was very happy that Liam Burns was successfully elected as the new NUS President. I won’t bore you with all the results but everyone I voted for got in. I’m expecting a positive year ahead.

University of Wolverhampton Electon Team
Electons Team

Conferences, conferences, conferences!!! It’s conference season so pretty much most of my weeks are filled with conferences. You can get your ‘learn on’, catch up with other union officers, do the networking thing and really get the latest info on what’s happening nationally. Plus at certain ones you get a stack load of freebies. I’m really looking forward to NUS Black Students’ Conference and NUS International Students’ Conference. I’ve been working on some new policy motions to go to both NUS Campaigns and they will bring positive change for all students. Good Times.

National Confrence
University of Wolverhampton attending the NUS National Confrence

Dissertation period for most students now so the Activities Centre is always buzzing with activities. 

SU Activity Centre
SU Activity Centre


The Kenny does sometimes get the play.  After Ken Harris is finished with talking about himself in the third person, I like to do my usual workout in the gym and get my sweat on. Not had much time for it lately, but I’ve been trying to get to know my motorbike a bit better. Save money and learn a few useful things at the same time. Brought myself some new brake pads, well not for me but for the bike. Also had to buy a new fuel hose cus it turns out the one on there is the wrong type.  I am now the mechanic of my own motorcycle, job done. Well I’ve still gotta do the brake pads, but I did the first part. 

Bike work

I’m still sifting through my leisure activities but I have to say that cooking, is still up there in my top four. Why a top four and not a top three? I hear you ask. Well I’ll give you the full run down in the next blog, but for now I will leave you with the thought of.........

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