ExtraMile Case Study

Matt Preston has recently completed a WXP placement at ExtraMile Communications.  Here Matt and ExtraMile Communications describe the placement.

The Company

ExtraMile Communications Ltd is an integrated digital marketing agency, providing local to global companies with email marketing, international multi-lingual email marketing, website design, graphic design, search engine optimisation, web hosting.  Established since April 2000, the company is based in Eccleshall.

Here's what they have to say about Matt's WXP placement with them.

The Challenge

We brought in a marketing strategist who analysed our business and found a gaping hole.  The business lacked one thing.  Creativity!  Demand for more websites and email marketing was also growing and our web developer couldn’t cope with the volume of work.

The Solution

I felt a graduate would be ideal for this post and the WXP scheme operated very quickly. 

Bringing youth to the team was also a benefit as the team is predominantly more mature.

The WXP advert is directed at the people with the right skills so you are likely to be successful in filling a role effectively to meet outcomes.

This is a ‘try before you buy’ scheme, so if it works out and you want to employ the candidate, then seeing their work up front is a huge asset.

The Result

Our graduate, Matt, has brought in a totally different dimension to the one we were operating in previously.

The business has improved with this extra skill set.  Because Matt is a natural designer, the work he does is by far quicker and better than anything we could have produced

Benefits for the employer

Thanks to our marketing strategist our objectives to improve the company have been met with the addition of Matt.

We can now add another skill set to the company’s portfolio.

We have seen an increase in business, due to word of mouth marketing.

Matthew's experience

Now read about the experience in Matt's own words.

It took me about 2 weeks to prove to the company I had what it takes. After a rocky first week, with a lot of new information to take in, I was well into my comfort zone when week 2 arrived and managed to win over the hearts of a big client of ours with my design skills.

I couldn’t tell you how much I’ve learned from only being with the company for six months – it seems a lot in such a short space of time. The main focus of my role was to get to grips with a Content Management System, which we incorporate into all of our websites, for optimum accessibility and client usability. I used my design skills alongside this to create a perfect user experience.

I also feel as if I’ve added a new dimension to the company. They’re now getting in branding / design / print marketing work, which they were not able to produce before I came along, so not only are ExtraMile an online marketing company, but we can now provide the full suite for clients’ promotional strategies.

Having worked after leaving University, I felt I had the upper hand in terms of getting to grips with this scheme, even though I never felt as if I had a proper job prior to this. Now I feel comfortable and I’m settling in nicely to a team that respect my views and decisions and vice-versa. I’m already interacting with various clients, and have about 10 projects on-the-go, so a huge responsibility has been put on my shoulders. It’s never a dull day here!

I’d truly recommend the WXP scheme to any student unsure of what to do next. Whilst it gives you experience in the real world and lots of valuable knowledge, it also gives you a chance to earn your way so that you’re able to live and reap the benefits come the end of the contract, when hopefully you will be taken on in a permanent role, just as I was.

Further information

To find out more about WXP placements please email wxpteam@wlv.ac.uk