Destinations of Leavers from Higher Education (DLHE)

The Destinations of Leavers from Higher Education (DLHE) Survey is a national survey of people who have recently qualified from any university or higher education college in the UK.

About the survey

Each year the University of Wolverhampton contacts people who have completed degrees, postgraduate courses and undergraduate courses such as HNDs and foundation degrees to find out what they doing in terms of work and further study.   The responses help universities and the government to gain an accurate and up to date picture of what graduates go on to do after leaving university.

The survey covers UK, other EU and international leavers, and includes people who have completed a full-time or a part-time course. Fill the survey online by visiting: DLHE Survey.

Why do we do this?

Because we have to!

The Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA) requires us, along with every other Higher Education provider in the UK, to provide statistical information on the destinations of leavers 6 months after completing a course. 

Because we want to!

The information the University gathers from the DLHE survey is used to inform Careers and The Workplace, as well as our faculties and University management about the graduate labour market. It helps current students choose their career paths and the University planning and review its courses.

Most importantly it enables us to keep in touch with you and offer help with your career plans and job seeking in a timely and targeted way.

How is it conducted?

If you are in the survey population you will receive an email inviting you to complete an online questionnaire. We will  follow this up by calling you to gather the responses if we haven't had a response to teh online survey request.

All graduates are contacted by phone and/or e-mail.

Telephone calls will be made from the University and by staff employed for this purpose. If you do not answer we will leave a message if possible telling you we are calling from the University of Wolverhampton and explaining how to contact us.

We are happy to speak to you by phone during office hours if this is easier for you. The number to call is 01902 321692. Usually calls last no more than 2 minutes.  We can call you back so you don’t have to worry about the cost of the call.

If we can't get in touch with you, we may try to get information about what you are doing from someone else who knows you, either at the University or the home address you have previously provided. However, we prefer to receive the information from you, so that we know it is accurate.

Whether you complete the survey online or over the phone it will only take a few minutes and your information is really important to us. HESA sets all universities very high target response rates; this is to ensure data is as accurate and representative as possible and does not simply include the most favourable responses. This means we may contact you a number of times if you do not initially reply.

How can you help?

We hope that you will fill out the online survey or respond to our telephone call to provide us with the relevant information as soon as you know what you are doing on the census date.  We really appreciate your support in helping us reach our target response rate.

In return for your support we will add your name to our FREE Prize Draw and you might just be one of the lucky ones to win a fantastic prize!

What happens to this information?

Data from this survey will be entered onto our student records system for internal statistical analysis and management purposes. Careers, Enterprise and The Workplace may use your responses to send you information about support they or other university departments can offer you.  You can let us know if you do not wish to receive this information.

We will also send your answers to the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA). This data will be linked to other information held about you as a student, including information you gave when you enrolled, and details about the qualification you gained.

Please be assured that your data is NOT passed on to external organisations for marketing purposes and is utilised in accordance with the Data Protection Act.  All information you provide is treated confidentially.

HESA also conducts a follow up survey three years’ from now to get more information on early careers of HE leavers. You may be asked to be a part of this; however you will have an option to opt out when you complete the current survey.

Your rights

Under the Data Protection Act 1998, you have rights of access to the data HESA holds about you. You will have to pay a small fee for this.

Fill the Survey Online Now!

Please follow the link to fill the Survey online on HESA's website and provide us the information about your next steps. We are very much interested to know that. Please follow the link: DLHE Survey. All completed entries will be entered in a FREE Prize draw to win Amazon vouchers!

Contact us

To fill in your survey, please contact the DLHE Team on 01902 321 692 or e-mail