If you've studied mathematics and are wondering about your career options and how to to get that all important first job, have a look at the following information for tips and pointers. If you'd like to talk anything through, come in to see a careers adviser who'll be pleased to help you.

What career options are there with my mathematics degree?

Here are some careers where your mathematics degree would be especially useful.

  • Statistician
  • Accountant
  • Business analyst
  • Tax adviser
  • Mathematics teacher
  • Operational researcher

See the occupational profiles on the above careers on the Prospects website, as well Options with your subject.   For more ideas see our Options with Mathematics leaflet and visit Maths Careers.

What do mathematics graduates do?

Past University of Wolverhampton graduates have worked mainly in finance and education in roles such as: investment portfolio manager, trainee underwriter and teacher.

The Prospects website gives more information about what mathematics students from other universities have done after graduating.

Who employs mathematics graduates?

Your skills can be applied in a huge variety of situations which means that you could find employment in fields such as: accountancy, banking, finance, the public sector, science and education.

Depending on the career path you choose, a variety of organisations may potentially be interested in employing you such as:

  • Research organisations
  • University departments
  • Government agencies
  • Market research companies
  • Insurance companies
  • Banks
  • Accountancy firms
  • Schools and colleges

For more ideas see our Options with Mathematics leaflet. Also have a look at Sue Briault's article Careers for Mathematicians on the IMA's website for lists of typical employers.  

Where can I find jobs and work experience?

The way that you go about job hunting needs to be appropriate for the sector that you’ve chosen. Look at the Prospects occupational profile  for your chosen career and this will provide relevant job hunting tips and vacancy sites. For general information about looking for graduate jobs see our Job Hunting leaflet and for work experience ideas download Gaining Experience of Work.

Other useful websites and further information