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The development of our Student Charter has been led primarily by the Students’ Union and informed by student views.  The Charter is subject to an annual review and this, the 2014-15 version, has been revised under the leadership of the Students’ Union.

The Charter is not a contract, nor is it intended to be legally binding; it is a set of shared expectations which establishes the values and standards we are seeking to promote across all of our learning community. We will continue to review the common principles in

this Charter on an annual basis; regularly responding to your feedback in continuously improving our services and standards and challenged by an energetic and independent Students’ Union.

The Student Charter is the basis for both Course and Faculty Student Representative training and both the University and the Students’ Union are committed to communicating, promoting and delivering the principles set out in this document.

Higher education is a journey of creative and critical enquiry, where students, teachers and researchers learn together to develop new knowledge and professional skills. We hope that you enjoy your learning journey with us, a University to be proud of.

Geoff Layer, Vice-Chancellor & Yaz Aboubakar, President of the Students’ Union 2015-16

The Charter seeks to apply to all students on all courses, wherever you study in the UK, and reflect our normal expectations of your experience at the University of Wolverhampton. On occasions different types of study and interactions will mean necessary variations from time to time – as set out in the complementary documents below.

For students studying outside of the UK for a University of Wolverhampton Award a separate Trans-National Education (TNE) Student Charter has been developed to reflect the different experience and access to campus-based facilities.  

Download the TNE Charter (PDF 86K, Downloads file)

For students studying at one of our partner institutions in the UK we would expect the substantive characteristics of the Charter to be embedded within your programme. Any specific differences and local arrangements should be set out in your course guide.

Your Course Guides

For Postgraduate Research Students - the University has developed expectation s in the form of a PGR Offer specific to each faculty.

Download the PGR Faculty Offers (PDF 69K, Downloads file)

You can download a copy of the 'standard' Student Charter as a PDF document

Download a copy of the 'Standard' Student Charter (PDF 76K, Downloads file)