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Here you will find information with reference to our Collaborative Quality Forum (CQF), Collaborative Quality newsletters, contract information and how to contact us.

Collaborative Quality Forum

24 March 2017

Presentation on Student Induction (PDF 2,319K, Downloads file)

Presentation on Conduct and Appeals (PDF 249K, Downloads file)

29 June 2017

Presentation on CMA (PDF 116K, Downloads file)

Collaborative Quality newsletters

Newsletter 2 Sept 17 (PDF 118K, Downloads file) 

Newsletter 1 May 2017 (PDF 94K, Downloads file) (31/05/17)


Update March 2017 (PDF 87K, Downloads file)

Contracts Process (PDF 77K, Downloads file)

Useful links and documents

Useful documents:

Categories of Collaborative Arrangement (PDF 128K, Downloads file)

Operations Handbook - franchise and related provision (PDF 159K, Downloads file)

Operations Handbook - validation of partner provision (PDF 132K, Downloads file)


Useful links:

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