Staff Profile: Dr Lucy Zheng


Faculty of Social Sciences


University of Wolverhampton Business School (UWBS)


Reader in International Business

Contact details

Direct line: 01902 321738



University of Wolverhampton
Faculty of Social Sciences
MN Building
City Campus North


Lucy Zheng is a Reader in International Business at University of Wolverhampton Business School. Her research focuses on the determinants and impact of foreign direct investment, emerging economies, and internationalisation in higher education.

Academic qualifications

PhD (Economics), MA

Teaching interests

  • International Business
  • Research methods

Professional body membership and roles

  • Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (SFHEA)
  • Membership of Academy of Management

Research interests

  • Foreign direct investment
  • China and India comparisons
  • Internationalisation in higher education
  • Environmental economics

Areas of PhD supervision

FDI (inward and outward) determinants and impact

External academic roles

Academic reviewer for publishers and journals including:

  • Palgrave
  • Routledge
  • SAGE
  • Journal of International Business Studies
  • European Journal of Operational Research
  • International Journal of the Economics of Business
  • Studies in Higher Education
  • Transnational Corporations
  • The World Economy
  • Thunderbird International Business Review
  • China Economic Review

Selected publications

Refereed journal articles

'Assessing the economic performance of an environmental sustainable supply chain in reducing environmental externalitie's, European Journal of Operational Research, 2016, 255(2), 463–480 (with Ding, H and Liu, Q.)

'Economic restructuring and demographic growth: demystifying growth and development in Northern Song China, 960-1127', The Economic History Review, 2015, 68(4), 1107–1131 (with Deng, K.)

'Antecedents to international student inflows to UK higher education: a comparative analysis'. Journal of Business Research, 2014,67(2), 136-143

'The variation in Indian inward FDI patterns.' Management International Review, 2013, 53(6), 819-839

'Home country heterogeneity in the determinants of China’s inward foreign direct investment.' Transnational Corporations, 2011, 20(2), 1-28 (with Tan, H.)

'The determinants of disparities in inward FDI flows to the three macro-regions of China.' Post-Communist Economies, 2011, 23(2), 257-270

'A comparison of FDI determinants in China and India.' Thunderbird International Business Review, 2009, 51(3), 263-279

'The determinants of Chinese outward foreign direct investment.' Journal of International Business Studies, 2007, 38(4), 499-518 (with Buckley, J.P. Clegg, J., Cross, A., Liu, X., and Voss, H.)

'The impact of FDI on the productivity of China’s automotive industry.' Management International Review, 2007, 47 (5), 707-724 (with Buckley, J.P., Clegg, J., Siler, P., and Giorgioni, G.)

'Sustaining growth in China’s regions through FDI.' World Review of Entrepreneurship, Management and Sustainable Development, 2006, 2, 4-22 (with Siler, P. and Giorgioni, G.)

'FDI and the export performance of Chinese indigenous firms: a regional approach.' Journal of Chinese Economic and Business Studies, 2004, 2(1), 55-71 (with Siler, P., and Giorgioni, G.)

Recent conference papers

'Assessing Economic Performance of an Environmental Sustainable Supply Chain in Reducing Externality', the 76th Academy of Management Annual Meeting Annual Meeting, 5-9 August 2016, Anaheim, USA (with Ding, H. and Liu, Q.)

'The impact of Different HE Systems on International Student Learning', the 74th Academy of Management Annual Meeting, 2-6 August 2014, Philadelphia, USA

'Antecedent to international student inflows to UK higher education: a comparative analysis', the 71st Academy of Management Annual Meeting, , 12-16 August 2011, San Antonio, USA