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Staff Profile: Professor John Buckley

NameProfessor John Buckley
TitleProfessor of Military History
Subject AreaWar Studies/History
Research DepartmentCentre for Historical Research

School of Social, Historical and Political Studies

Tel.01902 323388


Professor Buckley’s research interests focus upon twentieth century military and strategic studies, particularly the Second World War, and the Age of Air Power.

His most recent book Monty’s Men: The British Army and the Liberation of Europe 1944-5 (Yale, 2013) was awarded the Templer Medal for Military History by the Society for Army Historical Research. In this area he has previously published British Armour and the Normandy Campaign 1944 (Cass, 2004), an in-depth study of the role, development and performance of the armoured arm in the summer of 1944, and The Normandy Campaign 1944: Sixty Years On, (Routledge, 2006), an edited collection derived from the highly successful conference held at the University of Wolverhampton in 2004.

He has also published on British maritime air power in the interwar era and in World War Two, most notably a study of RAF Coastal Command, and on many other broader aspects of air power such as strategic bombing, British defence policy in the 1930s, and air power and total war.

He is currently working on an analysis of oral accounts of the Northwest European Campaign 1944-5 (with Matthew Lucas) and a study of the British Army in the Far East 1941-45.

Teaching Areas

  • The Age of Total War 1914-1945
  • The Battle for Normandy 1944 (includes six day study trip to Normandy)
  • Citizen Soldiers: The British Army in the Second World War
  • Air Power (MA Option)
  • The Second World War (MA Option)

Postgraduate Research

I am happy to supervise research students in the area of 19th/20th Century Military History, in particular the Second World War or Air Power in the 1914-45 era.

Recent and Current Areas of Supervision:

The British Army and the Impact of the Boer War 1902-1914; Artillery in the American Civil War; US Marine Corps Strategy in the Vietnam War; The RAF and Air Superiority in the Far East 1941-45; Volunteer Air Forces in Britain 1918-1955; Social Network Analysis and the British Army of 1939-40.


Books (with links to Amazon)


Key Articles and Chapters

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