Dr Shirin Hirsch

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Shirin Hirsch
Email address: shirin.hirsch@wlv.ac.uk Phone number: 01902 32xxxx Location: Mary Seacole Building (MH) Faculty: Faculty of Social Sciences School/Institute: School of Social, Historical and Political Studies Areas of expertise: Race, racism, refugees, migration, labour history


Shirin Hirsch is a researcher of class and race in British history. She is currently working on a project exploring Enoch Powell, race and resistance in the West Midlands. This focuses on the unstable relationship between Powell and his constituency and how Powell’s politics were negotiated in the area. 2018 will be the 50th anniversary of Powell’s ‘Rivers of Blood’ speech and to reflect on this moment, Shirin is working closely with the Wolverhampton Art Gallery to prepare an exhibition on the speech and the ways in which it reflected, reformulated and contested local dynamics.  

Before this, Shirin worked at the University of Glasgow on a project examining the neighbourhood level processes in Scotland by which ethnicity is asserted, constructed and resisted. She has also worked at the University of Manchester on a project exploring the refugee ‘second generation’ and is publishing papers from both projects on race, nation and the immigration system. Shirin’s PhD focused on Chilean exiles, British solidarity and the labour movement.

Research interests

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Shirin is happy to supervise students whose research engages with themes of race, racism, migration and labour history.


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