Undergraduate Courses

Undergraduate Courses

Mathematics is a discipline central to almost everything we do, from everyday finance to scientific development and discovery. It is also a rewarding subject to study for its own sake, and is constantly evolving.
Our team includes a world-leading Professor in Cybermetrics – the statistical study of web-based content for social science research using techniques that are not specific to one field of study. The Mathematics team are very supportive and the department is commended each year in the National Student Survey, consistently gaining high rates of satisfaction – 94% in 2013 and 97% in 2014.

With many varied roles now available in IT – industry and commerce in the 21st Century require employees who possess people skills as well as a technical background. The range of courses in our portfolio seeks to meet these needs. We have designed our courses for those who want to study towards a career in computing, IT or business. Each course will prepare you for employment and will equip you with essential business, people and team-working skills.


Our Mathematics degrees are accredited by the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications (IMA), which means they will meet the educational requirements of the Chartered Mathematician designation, awarded by the IMA, when they are followed by subsequent training and experience in employment to obtain equivalent competences to those specified by the Quality Assurance Agency for taught masters degrees.


All our degrees in Computing and Computer Science are accredited by the BCS – The Chartered Institute for IT.


Our Undergraduate Courses


BSc (Hons) Mathematics
BSc (Hons) Mathematics with Secondary Education (QTS)
BSc (Hons) Data Science
HND Mathematics and Computing

Computer Science

BSc (Hons) Computer Science
BSc (Hons) Computing and Information Technology
BSc (Hons) Computer Science (Games Development)
BSc (Hons) Computer Science (Software Engineering)
BSc (Hons) Computer Science with Secondary Education (QTS)
BSc (Hons) Data Science
BSc (Hons) Computer Science (Smart Technologies)
BSc (Hons) Business Intelligence
BSc (Hons) Cybersecurity
BSc (Hons) Cloud Computing
HND Computing
HND Information Technology
Fd (Science) Computing

Top-Up Courses in Computing 

BSc (Hons) Computing Games Development (Top-up)
BSc (Hons) Computing Software Development (Top-up)
BSc (Hons) Management of IT (Top-up)
BSc (Hons) Computer Networks (Top up)
BSc (Hons) Computer Security (Top-Up)

Information Technology

HND Information Technology