The University of Wolverhampton

Students hit new heights

Talented technology students at the University of Wolverhampton are flying high with careers in Aerospace.

A team of School of Technology students help a French company to develop and launch their client’s new products on time and with optimum quality.

Five Graduates from MSc Advanced Technology Management have successfully secured employment with French company based in Toulouse ALTEN SO to meet their mission of assisting clients with their New Product Development process. The company operates as a subcontractor with its team of highly talented Engineers to help support its client base to develop and to launch their products. Its main clients are Airbus and Thales among other leading French companies. Not just dedicated to Aerospace the company’s activities span Aerospace, Automotive, Telecommunications and the Energy Industry. All Engineering profiles are covered including Mechanics, Engineering Design, Electronics and Computer Sciences.

Clement Camacho, one of the MSc Advanced Technology Management graduates employed stated his job involves “working with teams of Engineers ensuring that the safety and the performance of the aircraft is never compromised. This responsible task involves checking all the safety rules by means of a modern Digital Mock-Up (DMU) of the aircraft, for instance checking and double checking the critical safety distance of Wiring or Oxygen Pipes to aircraft Frames etc.  Any issues found are logged and modified by Airbus so that any potential issues do not find their way to final production”. 

All 5 students completed engineering undergraduate awards in France before undertaking their studies with Wolverhampton University on the MSc Advanced Technology Management award.

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