Dr Robin Gutteridge

Reader in Applied Social Psychology and Innovation

Robin Gutteridge
Email address: robin.gutteridge@wlv.ac.uk Phone number: 01902 518641 Location: Walsall Campus Faculty: Faculty of Education Health and Wellbeing School/Institute: Institute of Psychology Areas of expertise: Bid Writing and Development/ Project Development and Management/Qualitative Research Methodologies/ Human Ageing


Originally a physiotherapist, Robin is a Chartered Psychologist and an experienced teacher, researcher, supervisor and mentor.  Robin has an MA in Gerontology and was awarded a PhD for her research into long-lasting marriage.  She is particularly interested in the way people use their social relationships to meet their identity development needs and as a resource for coping.  Her work as a Consultant in Health and Wellbeing involves building effective partnerships for Knowledge Exchange between the University and Health and Care sectors, including service users and carers. In her spare time, Robin practices as a counsellor and psychosexual therapist with individuals and couples. Her research interests encompass a range of topics related to health and wellbeing, service development, quality, safety and service user and carer experience.    She currently serves as a Non-Executive Director on the Board of a local Mental Health Trust where she Chairs the Quality and Safety Committee and is a member of the Research Development Committee, the Audit Committee and the Mental Health Act Scrutiny Committee.

Research interests

  • Writing for publication
  • Transformational change
  • Quality in Leadership

Membership of professional bodies

Membership of Professional Review & Editorial Bodies

Peer reviewer: Ageing and Society, Medical Teacher, International Academy of Marital Spirituality (INTAMS), Diversity and Equality in Health and Care, Contemporary Nurse Journal

Manuscript reviewer for Sage Publications: Tantam , D., (2014).Emotional Well-being  and Mental Health: A Guide for Counsellors and Psychotherapists, London, Sage  


  • Postgraduate Certificate in Clinical Supervision, Derby University
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Psychosexual Therapy, University of Hull
  • Practitioner Certificate in Mediation, UK Mediation
  • Diploma in Counselling, NCFE
  • Graduate Diploma in Psychology, Open University
  • PhD Applied Social Studies, Keele University
  • Enduring relationships: the evolution of long-lasting marriages
  • MA in Gerontology, Keele University
  • BA Open, Open University
  • Certificate in Education (FE), Wolverhampton
  • Graduate Diploma in Physiotherapy, Birmingham



Journal Articles:

  • Davidson, I., Cooke, S., Gutteridge, R., (in Press) Do practical and economic structures encourage shared care? Implications for service configuration, Journal of Renal Nursing. Accepted on 11 February 2015, subject to minor amendments
  • Taylor, F., Gutteridge, R., (in Press). Peer support for CKD patients and carers: overcoming barriers and facilitating access, Health Expectations, (Manuscript ID: HEX-2014-1607.R1)
  • Hunt, L., McGee, P., Gutteridge, R., Hughes, M., (2012). Assessment of student nurses in practice: A comparison of theoretical and practical assessment results in England, Nurse Education Today,  32 (4) 351–355,doi:10.1016/j.nedt2011.05.010 
  • Gutteridge, R., Dobbins, K., (2010).  Service user and carer involvement in learning and teaching: a Faculty of Health staff perspective, Nurse Education Today, 30,(6)509–514, doi:10.1016/j.nedt.2009.10.01.9
  • Gutteridge, R., (2005).  Spirituality, Life-satisfaction and long- lasting marriage
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  • Lillyman, S., Gutteridge, R., Berridge, P., (2011). Using a storyboarding technique in the classroom to address end of life experiences and engage student nurses in deeper reflection on their practice, Nurse Education in Practice,  11 (3) 179-185, doi:10.1016/jnepr.

INTAMS Review, Vol 11,1,80-94, doi:10.2143/INT.

Book Chapters:

Gutteridge R., (2001).  Evaluating the role of life skills in successful participation,

Ch11 in Thomas L., Cooper M, Quinn J, (eds.),   Access to Higher Education:

The Unfinished Business, Institute for Access Studies, Staffordshire University with the European Access Network

Project Reports :

  • Niedderer, K., Mackrill, J., Clune, S., Lockton, D., Ludden, G., Morris, A., Cain, R., Gardiner, E., Gutteridge, R., Evans, M., Hekkert, P. (2014). Creating Sustainable Innovation through Design for Behaviour Change: Full Project Report. University of Wolverhampton & Project Partners.  See also :
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  • Gutteridge, R., Leavey, R., (2012). A strategic partnership approach to improving health and wellbeing in NHS and public sector staff: a project between the Black Country and Herefordshire & Worcestershire NHS Locality Boards and The School of Health and Wellbeing, University of Wolverhampton

Book Reviews:

  • Gutteridge, R., (2007). Mikulincer, M., Goodman, G., (eds.), Dynamics of Romantic Love Attachment, Caregiving and Sex, New York, Guilford, (2006),  for International Academy of Marital Spirituality (INTAMS) 
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Conference Presentations:

  • 2014., Niedderer K., Mackrill J., Clune S., Evans M., Lockton D., Ludden G., Morris A., Gutteridge R., Gardiner E., Cain R., Hekkert P., Joining Forces: Investigating the influence of design for behaviour change on sustainable innovation, Nord Design 2014, 27-29 August, Espoo Finland/ Melbourne, Australia
  • Invited Speaker:2014., Gutteridge, R., Decisions, Dilemmas and Delights: reflections on starting out,  On-Line Counselling in Action[OCTIA] 5th Annual Conference:  Working therapeutically and safely on- line , 5 April,  Bristol, UK
  • Invited Speaker: 2013., Lillyman S., Gutteridge R.,Storyboarding in  Palliative Care Education, National Association of Palliative Care Educators, Annual Conference , 5-6 September 2013, Northampton UK
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Poster Presentations:

  • 2011., Gutteridge R., Sexuality and Intimacy in later life: do undergraduate nurses apply their classroom learning in practice? Poster at 20th World Sexual Health Congress, 12-16 June 2011, Glasgow, UK
  • 1999., Gutteridge, R., Ageing in the Context of Long Term Marriage, The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy Annual Congress, Birmingham,  8-10 October 1999

Invited Presentations:

Conference Abstract accepted for oral presentation:

2015: Gutteridge, R., Bill, K., Blake, M., Management of Knowledge Transfer:  developing promotional career pathways in Enterprise and Knowledge Transfer leadership, International Conference on Innovation through Knowledge Transfer 2015, 15-17 April 2015, Staffordshire

Previous professional experience

Consultant in Health and Wellbeing, Faculty of Education Health and Wellbeing

Honorary Research Fellow, University of Birmingham, School of Health and Population Sciences (p/t secondment)

Senior Academic in Psychology, Division of Psychology, Faculty of Law Education and Social Sciences, Birmingham City University Specialist Visiting Lecturer, Birmingham University, School of Health Sciences

Senior Academic Learning Partnerships Development Unit, Senior Lecturer in Health Psychology, Birmingham City

University Head of Student Services, Newman University College

Specialist Visiting Lecturer, BTec Physiotherapy Assistants, Bournville College

Senior Lecturer in Physiotherapy, Coventry University

Admissions Tutor for the BSc Hons Physiotherapy (152 entrants annually, team leader for 4 staff, co-ordinator for publicity, outreach and widening participation)

Tutor for the support of students with additional needs

Regional Adviser, Student advice, guidance and support, The Open University (p/t)

Associate Lecturer, Health Studies, The Open University, (p/t)

Assistant  (and acting Staff Tutor (Science)) The Open University, West Midlands Region (p/t)

Specialist Visiting Tutor, Certificate in Human Ageing, University of Birmingham, School of Continuing Studies

Teacher of Physiotherapy Royal Orthopaedic Hospital

Physiotherapist and Senior Physiotherapist, specialist areas neurological rehabilitation and  care of older adults

Further information

  • Non-Executive Director , Dudley & Walsall Mental Health Partnership NHS Trust
    • Full voting member of the Trust Board
    • Chair:  Governance and Quality  Committee
    • Research Development Committee Member 
    • Audit Committee Member 

Other relevant Knowledge Transfer, Professional and voluntary activities

2011-2015    Non –Executive Director, Dudley Walsall Mental Health NHS Trust

2011-2013    Trustee, Salus Fatigue Foundation

2008-2009    Justice of the Peace, Birmingham Magistrates Bench                                     

2008-2014    Couples Counsellor, Relate Centre Walsall                                          

2006-2011    Non-Executive Director, Walsall (Teaching) Primary Care Trust

2005-2008    Counsellor, St Martins Centre for Health and Healing, Birmingham (voluntary)     

2005-2008    Counsellor, Birmingham University Student Counselling Service (voluntary)  

2004-2005    Counsellor, Sandwell NHS Mental Health Primary Care Trust (voluntary)   

2004-2006    Chair, Continuing Care Funding Appeals Panel, West Midlands SHA

1997- 2000   Member of the Institute of Ageing and Health, Birmingham. Member of the Research Committee