Dr Karen Roscoe

Senior Lecturer in Social Work

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Email address: k.roscoe@wlv.ac.uk Phone number: 01902 32 1607 Location: Wolverhampton Campus Faculty: Faculty of Education Health and Wellbeing School/Institute: Institute of Public Health, Social Work and Care Areas of expertise: Social Policy and Service Evaluations of Local Authorities and Voluntary Services (children and families and adults) corporate and academic /


Dr Karen D. Roscoe is a Senior Lecturer in Social Work at the University of Wolverhampton. Karen is published in a variety of academic journals including the British Journal of Social Work, Social Work Practice and Child and family social work. The majority of her work captures the narratives of service users who have encountered domestic violence in rural Wales, through to the use of social workers applying the concepts of reflective letters when working in Integrated Family Services drawing on new models for case work intervention. Karen is particularly interested in critical theory and sociology and her research draws on transdisciplinary methodologies utilising Critical Discourse Analysis to combine these ideas in creative ways in order to enhance innovative and productive theory formation.

Karen has mentored Consultant social workers in Wales to carry out research into new policy and practice areas such as the Intensive family support services (based on ‘Troubled Families’ initiatives).  Karen is particularly interested in how practitioners mediate and make sense of their professional identities under policy initiatives and sanctions.

Recently the lead co-ordinator of the 5th International Sociology and Social Work: Narratives, Identity and Praxis (held in the UK), Karen is particularly interested in reigniting the sociological imagination in social work particularly in the context of analysing identity, discourse and organisational culture.

Karen’s specialist areas are Narrative and Critical Discourse Analysis methodologies Her curriculum areas are sociology, social policy, social work theory and methods, organisational theory and adult social work. 

Research interests

  • Research and pedagogy on Critical Discourse Analysis, Organisational culture and narrative (interests)
  • Writing, planning and leading new curriculum development (interdisciplinary)
  • Social Policy and service evaluations

Membership of professional bodies

Peer reviewer for Qualitative Social Work


  • PhD Philosophy, 2014
  • Post-Graduate Certificate in Education, 2007
  • BA Hons in Social Work, 2002
  • Diploma in Social Work, 2001
  • HND in Art and Design 1993




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Research Funding, Reports and Awards

  • Carey, M., and Roscoe, K.D. (2014) Older People and the use of IT to combat loneliness
  • Social Work Education Research Award (SWERSA) – scholarship to complete PhD studies.
  • Roscoe K, Livingston, W. and Carson A. (2011) A local evaluation of the Integrated Family Support Services. Report for Wrexham Social Services
  • Bakes,S., Madoc-Jones,I. Parry,O., Warren,E., Perry,K., Roscoe, K., Anderson,M., Mottershead,R (2010) A Local Evaluation of perceptions of crime of European and migrant communities, Report to North Wales Police.
  • Roscoe,K and Madoc-Jones ,I (2010) Providing services to high risk victims of domestic violence: Report into the IDVA service in Powys and Ceredigion. Report for Tai Hafan Cymru
  • Madoc-Jones,I and Roscoe, K (2009) Evaluation of women’s safety service within the Integrated Domestic Abuse Programme. Report for Tai Hafan Cymru

Books/Book Chapters

  • Roscoe, K. D. (2014) ‘Safeguarding and Mental Health’ in, P. Taylor, Morely S. and Corteen K (2014) A Companion to Criminal Justice, Mental Health and Risk, Policy Press.

Book Reviews

  • Roscoe, K.D. (2015) Understanding Emotions in Social Work: Theory. Practice and Reflection, Social Work Education: the international journal (in press)
  • Roscoe, K. (2009) Introducing Social Policy, Cliff Alcock, Guy Daly and Edwin Briggs (eds), Harlow, Pearson Longman, 2008, ISBN 9781405858489, British Journal of Social Work
  • Roscoe, K (2007) Sexuality and Social Work, J. Bywater and R. Jones, Social Policy and Social Work (SWAP), Higher education Academy. 9781844450855
  • Roscoe, K. and Madoc-Jones, I. (2007) Comprehensive Mental Health Practice with Sex Offenders and their families, C. Hilarski and J. Wodarski, Journal of Social Work.  

Conference Presentations

5th International Conference on Sociology

and Social Work. New Directions in Sociology:  Chester,    UK 2015

Narratives, Identity and Praxis

International Sociological Association                    











Hong Kong
















International Conference on Social Work (2013)  and Sociology, Aalborg University. Social Work Discourses. 

Victimology , TOKIWA University, Japan 2011


The Narrative Practitioner, Keele University, The Meta- narrative of social work 2010


IPSCAN (International Society for Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect. Japan 2009


Re-authoring Trauma: Interactive Presentation – HONG KONG   2008


The Narrative Practitioner, Glyndwr University. A working Approach towards Narrative Social Work Practice




Previous professional experience

University of Chester

Senior Lecturer in Social Work, Program lead for Health and Social Care.

Research projects and innovation (income generation)

Glyndwr University

Social Work (Lead) BA Hons and PQ awards, Programme Leader for BA Hons \Senior Lecturer

Yale College of Wrexham

Social Care Strategy Officer and Planning and development officer and secondment to write a Care Management Safeguarding Manual for Social Workers in Wrexham. Published internally.

Wrexham County Borough Council

Social Worker/ Generic Adults (later specialised in learning difficulties)

Thomas Family Partnership

Manager of Day Services for people with Physical and Sensory Impairments



Further information

External Examiner

 Current: University of Bath Bsc in Social Work 2013 onwards